Department of Commerce does not exist on the acquisition of overseas enterprises in setting problems remonstrate

The Ministry of Commerce on overseas acquisitions: there is no problem in obstacle map information: the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang. Li Huisi agency issued photo Beijing in October 9, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang today on the "Japanese enterprise merger Chinese mentioned in the media enterprises and the" anti-monopoly law "implementation" to respond. He stressed that China’s policy of welcoming and attracting foreign investment has not changed, adhere to the same concentration in the antitrust review of business operators, there is no problem of the acquisition of Chinese enterprises overseas enterprises to set barriers. October 9th, the Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference, spokesman Shen Danyang respond to hot issues related to sensitive. Japanese media reported that the Japanese economic community recently visited the three departments of the Ministry of Commerce submitted a hope to improve the operating environment of China’s proposal. At the same time, the requirements of the "anti-monopoly law," the application of standards to prevent the acquisition of Chinese enterprises overseas enterprises are not properly interfere. Shen Danyang responded, September 22nd, Vice Minister of Commerce Gao Yan met with representatives of the Japanese economic circles delegation and discussion with them, Sino Japanese economic and trade relations in-depth exchange of views on a wide range of areas, around the Olympic economy, e-commerce, logistics, health care, improve the business environment, develop the third party cooperation in the exchange market etc.. The positive role of Japan’s economic leaders of the Ministry of Commerce to promote the Sino Japanese economic and trade cooperation play highly, said Chinese is Japan’s neighbors and a narrow strip of water can not be replaced in Chinese partners, and vigorously promote decentralization, increase penalties for infringement of intellectual property rights violations, the business environment improved significantly. The Japanese side also proposed to further improve the business environment. China introduced the specific policy measures continue to expand the opening, from further strengthening Sino Japanese economic and trade cooperation, improve the investment environment, and provide better services for enterprises with foreign investment perspective, the Japanese side responded that. According to Japanese enterprises mentioned in the media merger enterprises and Chinese "anti-monopoly law enforcement issues, Shen Danyang stressed that it is necessary to reiterate that the Chinese welcome and attracting foreign investment policy has not changed, in the antitrust review of the concentration of business operators to treat all types of market players alike, equality, regardless of the form of the enterprise, scale and registration to apply the same standard, does not exist for overseas acquisitions China enterprises set up obstacles. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: