Design is not a bit of a new head how to see all kinds of animals swept through your winter wardrobe boee

No new pattern for how to engage in the first look at the various animal sweep through your winter wardrobe photograph: Gucci 2016 early autumn series originally thought only a "popular animal pattern" of the trend, even intensified. Whether it is the daily dress or attend the party, all kinds of clothing adorned the animal so that the whole shape becomes alive, designers in different painting style and technique of expression, the chic and funny animal to join, you seem lovely up suddenly. This may not be good enough to surprise, because the fabric used to play the stitching, a variety of color after the hit color, the clothes do not have a new head how to do? The cat out of the limelight in this season, it was the super cute gesture designers complete, look adorable and curvy and lively, you will find that perhaps some simple single dress color, but with cat patterns, many seem to be playful. Constant repetition is one of the keys to strengthen the vision. "What is this?"" But approached…… Very interesting. Dolce & Gabbana Fall Dolce & Gabbana Fall winter 2016; winter 2016 Paul & Joe Fall 2016 winter 2017 Milan Fashion Week: Gucci a frantic and freehand painting artistic expression into black and white cat head image of the most distinctive and prominent, with some drawing feeling, you can see at the first glance to it. The cloth is very all-match white bottom, stitching with color cloth, there are some bright spots feeling small contrast such. Style is the basic section, but the presence of the pattern so that the clothes are not very basic". STELLA MCCARTNEY’Bellucci’STELLA MCCARTNEY’Bellucci’ cat cat print dress dress STELLA MCCARTNEY cat printed pants hidden in the leopard cat in the picture you see? The visual effect is very similar to the texture and color which is actually quite interesting, the leopard has been less loved by most people, but this season it brings "fresh sense" makes it seem not so difficult to accept. Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2016 in autumn and winter, in addition to the repetition of the technique, the amplification of animals as a visual focus is also one of the most important manifestations. DOLCE & GABBANA crown cat jacket similar to the illustration of the kitten pattern is probably the most popular young people like the way, the kitten is playing a good record in the gesture. Whether it is around or turn the body to pace with the master playing, but messy orderly distribution, baseball clothing is one of the best representatives of this season, collocation skirt street is enough to beijing. The background is bright red, with a very assertive tone, is consistent with the form of young generation is the most straightforward. Paul & Joe Fall 2016 & Paul; Joo相关的主题文章: