Do not want to learn Lei oppovivo, millet short board line to the Sohu of science and technology

Do not want to learn OPPO vivo Lei, millet short board line to the Sohu of science and technology [Technews] science news latest market report, the third quarter of 2016, OPPO and vivo at the same time beyond HUAWEI, become the top two domestic intelligent mobile phone manufacturers, including OPPO, mobile phone market share of 16.6%, vivo mobile phone market share of 16.2% HUAWEI mobile phone is 15%. In this regard, the 10.6% cities accounted for the proportion of millet in the fourth words to say. Recently, millet millet breath launched Note 2 and millet Mix two mobile phone market has been well received, then, the founder Lei Jun millet technology media interview, according to OPPO and vivo the HUAWEI news, he expressed his view. Lei Jun rational view of the success of Vivo OPPO, Millet’s own problems to be solved that Lei Jun, OPPO and vivo in the core reason for the outbreak of this is that they met the 345 line of the city’s replacement wave, coupled with asymmetric information — the 345 line of the city’s consumers do not know how much money the product value, and whether there are other choices, this the two major factors to help OPPO and vivo development. In addition, Lei Jun further said that millet will not learn "their business model, because they pursue high margin, while millet is the pursuit of efficiency. For business success, rational view of Lei Jun. Similarly, for the lack of small noodle layout, Lei Jun also aware. Therefore, in the effort to solve the problem of supply chain, millet began to focus on the layout of the line. Intelligent mobile phone market growth has slowed in the background, the 345 line of the city China replacement tide rise, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers to see new opportunities. Thus, to start the Internet, focusing on the layout of a second tier cities millet phone needs from online to offline transformation. However, the process of transformation, millet encountered two problems. Star + millet home, millet layout line also how to play? In response to these problems, the solution is to ask the star millet endorsements, while expanding the store – millet home. In July this year, red rice Pro press conference, millet breath invited Wu Xiubo, Liu Shishi and three stars as the spokesperson of the red rice mobile phone, Liu Haoran. After millet, vice president of Liwan Jiang explained to the media, millet is to spend money to hire spokesmen, padded short board, enhance the red rice mobile phone in the 234 line of the city’s reputation. "Tony Leung endorsement of millet Note 2 (Source: micro-blog Lei) similarly, the just concluded" millet NOTE 2 hyperboloid conference, Tony Leung appeared as a spokesperson. The industry pointed out that the star to attract consumers to buy related products is an indisputable fact, especially when the layout of the line, please star endorsement can not only enhance the product exposure, but also to improve product sales. The Wuhan home of Millet (millet home: Source micro-blog)相关的主题文章: