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Early winter in a hospital management innovation fire health Sohu yesterday afternoon, Wuxi Jiangnan temperature plummeted, has fallen into the freezing point. I braved the cold to the teaching building of Wuxi Taihu side of the Wuxi municipal Party Committee Room 302 to the Wuxi city health system of the new middle class of 45 students taught the lesson of refined management in hospital. Although, I almost every month in the domestic exchange of hospital management innovation. Wuxi also has three younger trainees granted over the course of the hospital management. However, the teaching object is young and energetic? Is too familiar with zhigenzhidi? Or is it possible for us to face the problem? This is a 2.5 hour class, full of passion, full of communication and interaction, full of hope for the future of hospital management. Like a fire in the winter of the burning thirst for knowledge you heart! What is the hospital meticulous management? Why in China to deepen the reform of the key moment of the central government to strengthen the hospital to strengthen the management of the new requirements? Why should the hospital meticulous management and hospital management elements butt? These three questions, as lit the torch of the three will quickly guide the minds of the hospital to the fine management of heaven and earth. Why the United States will be in the medical sector in 2009 put forward a precise medical, lean health care, fine hospital management of the overall lean transformation theory. At the same time, the medical field of China has carried out the research and exploration of hospital management in Chinese public hospitals. Why do Americans call a lean hospital a black box? How much are iatrogenic injuries in the hospital? Why does it form? How to effectively control the hospital almost everywhere iatrogenic damage and blind? The proportion of 6%–10% is the proportion of blood at the cost of the patient’s life. How does the hospital’s medical quality and medical technology really be in line with the guidelines? How to reduce errors and errors, and truly realize the homogenization of hospital medical services? How bad is the medical procedure in the hospital? How many are not humane and humane? These face the difficult topic of hospital management so that we quickly resonate! Why today’s network economy as a new economy? The new economy will bring new challenges to hospital management? Why the network will make the future of hospital management qualitative change and leap? Will China have a Tmall hospital and a US mission hospital? In the future, the Chinese medical model will be the same today? Outpatient, hospital, surgery, three points? Why does the hospital need network support? And why lean can promote the hospital in the network to wisdom and innovation? Why is today’s medical development not just the power of medicine? How does the power of the network and the power of the new and high technology transform the new medicine into the new medical treatment? How do hospital presidents and hospital administrators really use the power of the hospital’s fine management for quality of care and medical technology? Used in the construction of hospital discipline and personnel training? For hospital medical process change and medical service innovation? For internal management and operation mechanism innovation? For hospital resource management and asset management? For hospital performance management and hospital culture!相关的主题文章: