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Enjoy the winter rice cooker version of mutton and carrot – hand pilaf smelling Sohu a Xinjiang friend called mother we went to her house to eat mutton hand pilaf last year, just come out of the elevator, corridor immediately smell everywhere drifting thick aroma, but not a little smell of mutton. Never been to Xinjiang, this is my first time to contact the lamb of Xinjiang hand pilaf, is so delicious! We also give the finished pot are packaged to take home the ^_^, memory is very profound. Their hands are delicious mutton, mutton quality is the first one. Xinjiang mutton sheep meat, and we are the mainland mountain mountain lamb, mutton is large, is not suitable for the hand pilaf. A few days ago from Xinjiang to buy some milk lamb, the Xinjiang friends please go home immediately, the rice cooker version of mutton hand pilaf taught us to do a simple version and improved. Now is the recipe for everyone to share, lamb warming, winter is very suitable to eat mutton season, interested friends do Oh ~ but would like to do online shopping Xinjiang mutton back ha ~ mutton and carrot hand pilaf material: rice, mutton, carrot, onion: 1) the first washing rice again, add a small amount of water over the rice, soak for 2 hours. 2) remove too much greasy mutton, boiled skim floating foam, remove and wash. 3) more carrots and onions, cleaned, carrots cut, shred onion. 4) Nega, a small amount of oil, put onion and mutton stir fry, add soy sauce, salt, cumin powder, stir a small amount of wine. Water simmered for 15~20 minutes, add carrots to stew with carrots are tender, some soup can be folded. 5) the mutton and carrot Sheng in the bottom of rice cooker, the middle with some onions, the rice fish shop in the upper part, plus a small amount of water, electric cooker stew stew can be Steamed Rice according to the normal key. 6) Steamed Rice cooked simmer for 3~5 minutes, open the lid and stir evenly. Note: 1) don’t add too much water when soaking rice, because there are some Steamed Rice stew cooking soup, carrot and onion are also water, so there is no need to add a lot of water. Vitamin B is soluble in water, if the water meter water too much last fall for nothing, lost a lot of vitamin B. 2) because I was using the milk of lamb, meat is very delicate, so for 15 minutes, if it is a relatively old mutton stew need to extend the time. 3) in sheep saturated fat content is too high, most of them removed, otherwise their hands are too greasy, is not conducive to digestion and cardiovascular health. 4) carrot stew soft after the volume is greatly reduced, love friends can eat carrots to put some more. 5) if the baby to eat, that without or with small amount of wine, because of the good quality of mutton, with no great smell of wine. 6) if you use a pressure cooker stew hand pilaf, because less water loss, rice full immersion thoroughly, and some soup brine, basically covered with mutton and carrot and onion after without adding water. If you use the rice cooker stew hand pilaf, requires only a small amount of water can add a little bubble meter, not before)相关的主题文章: