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Everywhere in life can "play" Montessori math enlightenment – Sohu overseas education group is my maternal hair mother Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, parent-child reading practice here and 100 thousand mother exchange experience enlightenment Montessori math is not very difficult? Do you have to spend a lot of money to buy toys? See how to have a headache on maths? In fact, Montessori math is not profound, in the following way, every mother can play with things around. My mother — Mao mathematics is flawed, but I know I want to do every elementary mathematics. Because mathematics is to cultivate children’s thinking of the good functioning of the playground, I can not afford to lose such a good gift. Some people say that mathematics is to find the law of knowledge. The Montessori said: "mathematics began in the specific light, gradually entered the abstract." The first is to establish the concrete contact to the abstract thinking. From simple to complex, from disorder to order. So I want to learn math is not so difficult. Interest is the best teacher, like mathematics, naturally learn math. Next, I will share with you the mathematical enlightenment of my daily life. When I buy toys for the blossoming saw Montessori mathematics whole set toys. About Montessori math is a game by " " let the children interested in maths teaching. The mathematical thought and mathematical concepts, abstract and profound into simple and interesting in teaching. Through the operation of children in the best of spirits Montessori math teaching and complete matching exercise paper (paint, cut and paste), is a subtle understanding of mathematical concepts, forming a vivid intuitive thinking. Here is to introduce about Montessori Early Childhood: ask the Montessori method. When a teacher asks: 3+2=? This is actually addition; if you ask the child: you have 3 apples, I have 2 apples, we have a few apples? This is to ask the Montessori method. When a teacher asked:? +2=5 this is subtraction; if you ask the child: I have 2 cars, but I want to have a car, I would like to buy a few cars? This is to ask the Montessori method. 3 years of age: sensory experience secondary school length, height, weight, size, etc. can be the length, height, weight, size and other mathematical concepts of cognition. 1) classification and arrangement: clothes or sorting toys; 2) measurement and estimation: play DOH; 3) the volume and quality of playing a different medium, such as flour, water and beans; 4) count: Digital songs, games etc.. I in many toys in blossoming play experience, any more than the amount of toys are good mathematical enlightenment toys. When the logarithm and the order of the sensitive period to count now to more than 30, will say the father’s cell phone number, license plate number, home address, simple operation, etc.. I think she cannot do without was fond of playing with blocks, beads, puzzles, toys etc.. Here to share with you 13 kinds of mathematical enlightenment of children play, feel useful mother quickly collect it. The number of graffiti playing 1: just for mathematics enlightenment children, mothers can let the children know the number. It’s better to let the children know than to copy!相关的主题文章: