Experts say the threat is overrated and only eighteenth last

Experts said Westbrook overvalued efficiency last season ranked only eighteenth Russell defender Westbrook sina sports news Beijing time on September 12th, in many people’s impression, the thunder team all star guard Russell – Westbrook is NBA under the basket end of the strongest players, after all, his athletic ability and the breakthrough is the league’s top but the reality is not so. Recently, basketball expert coach Nick pointed out that the outside world through the video of a misunderstanding, that is because of the breakthrough is very powerful Wei, so his ability to end the basket is one of the best." In fact, since Westbrook into NBA, he ends up in the past 8 seasons under the basket (including breakthrough, cut and tipped) efficiency (in the basket at least 150 shots) never ranked in the top ten after the Wei li. Take the last season, the top ten are: Defender de Rakic, Parke, Thompson, curry, Rondo, Lavin, holiday, Walker, and Wade fournier. Wei is only ranked in eighteenth place. From the breakthrough point of view, the last season Wei little field have exceeded 10.1 times, ranking in the guard in the top sixth. But he hit 50.7% in the break, only in the back of the top eighteenth. Through the analysis of the game of Wei Wei, Nick coach found that when Wei less in the break with the left hand to complete the shooting and the left leg to take off, the end of his basket efficiency decreased significantly. Although Wei less athletic ability, but in the process of high-speed breakthrough, his ability to control the body is not very good. Another breakthrough in high speed process, Westbrook will often choose the difficult layup, while ignoring the better position of the team. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: