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Reference-and-Education Some people purchase into the thus of Augusta, and you may be one. So, fair warning: If you prefer to believe that walking those holy fairways will induce a state of golf nirvana, or that the Masters is a noble-minded fairy tale Prestige MSR life, you may want to skip this. And for Gods sake dont .e within a thousand feet of Curt Simpsons excellent history of Cliff Roberts, Bobby Jones, and the origins of the sports most famous tournament.On the other hand, if your bullshit detector hasnt quite run out of batteries, consider a second argument threes something deeply disturbing and anti-democratic about the whole operation, and the club represents almost everything that archaic and excuse about golf. Simpsons book is a great starting point if you want to learn the truth, and the finest endorsement came from Augusta National itself, which accused him of multiple factual errors without being able to identify one.Make no mistake the men in green jackets know what theyre doing, and they do it well. The remarkable aspect of the Masters is that it quickly became the most prestigious major despite being the youngest of them all. Horton Smith won the first Augusta National Invitational in 1934, eighteen years after the founding of the PGA Championship, 39 years after the inaugural U.S. Open, and 74 years after Willie Park Sr. beat Old Tom Morris by two strokes in the 1860 British Open. So how did the latest kid on the tower gain such status bobby Jones, for one? He was Americas first golfing icon, and any endeavour to which he attached his name was bound to .e with a certain cachet. The course didnt hurt either designed by Alistair Mackenzie on a former indigo plantation, the layout and landscape was beautiful from the start.But the real star of the show was always Clifford Roberts, the Augusta National cofounder and, by every account, the brains of the operation. Roberts came from Iowa, and he had a rotten early life his mother killed herself with a shotgun blast when Cliff was 19, and his father stepped in front of a train, possibly on purpose, eight years later. Roberts rarely spoke about these rough beginnings, so it Prestige MSR Bangalore to guess what affect it had on his psyche. Whatever the damage, he was a man of considerable talents. He made money hand over fist after profiting hugely in Texas land sales he became an investment banker at the Reynolds Firm in Latest York. He could market the hell out of anything, and he could ingratiate himself with powerful men like Bobby Jones and Dwight Eisenhower that, more than anything, may have been the source of Roberts great power his ability to flatter influential icons in just the right way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: