Fat people often at this point to dampness-borderland

According to the people’s Congress of fat people often point dampness phlegm dampness constitution more obese, and in the rainy and humid environment more easy to feel unwell, how to do, rub on the body Qushi cave. Fat people always at acupoint Fenglong Qushi Fenglong originally refers to the ancient Chinese myth of the thor. Fenglong, as the name suggests, this is under the guise of Fenglong onomatopes, on the spleen and stomach turbid wet like thunder and rain out. So, the rainy season knead this point, Jianpiqushi effect is very good. It studied on the 8 inch, 1.5 inch lateral edge of the tibia, fibula and tibia. 2 times a day, each time for 3 minutes. Zhongwan cv12 can promote the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach operation. Points can be used in the supine position, the lower end of the sternum and the midpoint of the umbilical cord that is the hole. We can use a finger or palm root in the acupuncture point massage 2~5 minutes, can also be used palm or finger massage Zhongwan four minutes 5~10. Yin Ling Quan Yin Ling Quan is the spleen meridian acupoints, from the toe of the spleen qi here inside deeply, can Jianpi dehumidification. It under your knees, along the medial leg bone to turn inward stroke, depression, yinlingquan location. Rub your finger every day for more than 10 minutes. (Xi’an City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage rehabilitation An Junming)相关的主题文章: