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The investigation on ultrasound examination of fetal malformation during pregnancy and maternal parenting quality master Sohu article, author: Xie Hongning (director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University doctor) ultrasound almost throughout the entire pregnancy, many people worry that ultrasound can produce radiation, impact on the fetus. It is thought that imaging is similar to the principle of radiation, and radiation, such as X light, can be potentially dangerous to the fetus. But ultrasound is the principle of acoustic imaging, and sound waves should be harmless to the human body, ultrasound is still safe for the fetus. Everyone on the 3D and 4D ultrasound concept there is a misunderstanding, that is the most inexpensive 2D ultrasound, 3D and 4D is the senior is more advanced, they would choose one of the most senior, directly do four-dimensional. Then the two-dimensional, three-dimensional, four-dimensional concept of difference? Ultrasound is a two-dimensional plane section to check, and then in our doctor’s mind to form a three-dimensional image. Three dimensional is one of the three dimensional, and then show, in a three-dimensional form to show. It is a post process. Four-dimensional is the three-dimensional image of the real time as the film playback. For the diagnosis of fetal malformations, if it is a routine screening, I personally think that two-dimensional examination is enough. Two dimensional examination of the fetus in the uterus to show the various structures, through the examiner is the doctor’s mind in the four-dimensional four-dimensional is completely capable of fetal abnormalities are not judged. When do we need to have a three-dimensional imaging to diagnose? In some cases, such as pregnant women, emotional needs, want to see what about the fetal face, she has an emotional connection with the belly of the baby, she can do for this case, there are some difficult cases analysis, three-dimensional ultrasound can quickly store two-dimensional section numerous, such as patient leave after a detailed analysis of the information to get the diagnosis more accurate, so we are also doing routine for the difficult cases of three-dimensional ultrasound image analysis. Four-dimensional B ultrasound is a dynamic display of fetal movement in the stomach, if there are conditions, such as amniotic fluid volume is enough, the location of the fetus can be better to give him a four-dimensional ultrasound. But not as a routine recommendation for each fetus to do. The role of ultrasonography is very large, the most important is the prenatal screening for fetal malformation, popular to say that the "big distortion", the process of elimination of fetal major malformations. Ultrasound can be used to detect fetal major structural abnormalities. Such as anencephaly, encephalocele, spina bifida, limbs deformity, severe heart disease etc.. From head to foot, thousands of diseases, ultrasound may be detected. But the ultrasonic testing conditions, first, must have the morphological changes that change the structure of obvious deformity; second, changes in the structure of the ultrasonic resolution can distinguish; third, fetal malformations can let you see, such as facial deformity, when the occurrence of cleft lip and palate, the opposite direction of fetus face to the ultrasonic probe, we can not see the doctor. "The big distortion" time to:相关的主题文章: