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First grade children installed 3 trackers, 8 respondents said it is worth learning, children just went to primary school grade one, many parents can not worry – how children in school? Will the school leave the school ahead of time? Recently, the Wuhan evening news reporter encountered a similarly calm but very effective father: he installed 3 children "tracker", the child’s situation 24 hours panoramic view. Children with 3 trackers go to school, Mr. Lee is the first year of the new parents, middle-aged son of his children than ordinary parents more heart, more nervous. Children in the first grade, although he continued to pick up children to school, school, but still feel inadequate. "For the convenience of children, the first time to ask for help, but also easy to keep abreast of the children’s movements, I bought in addition to the children can be positioned phone watches, but also in bags and clothes installed two positioning tracker. In case of a bad person, a child’s watch, we can also locate in the first place." Mr. Li said. For two months, Mr. Li’s artifact has been put on two occasions: once a child suddenly in the school stomach pain, the first time contact him; a child and classmates lost the way, positioning found the child. "Now there is only one child, and in any case, the family cannot afford it.". One more measure, just one more insurance." Mr. Li said. Children go to school parents are not calm, recently, the reporter visited 38 four grade pupils and their parents. 80% of them thought that Mr. Li’s method was very practical and worth learning, and 20% thought it was unnecessary to be too nervous. Among these parents, there are 37 children who have to pick up their children every day. Only one student goes to school or school after school because his home is not far from the school gate, and he doesn’t need to go across the street. These children are transferred from home to school mostly between the one or two stations, and some are only two hundred or three hundred meters, but parents insist on daily transfers. "Now, the condition, road conditions are quite complex, the children go home alone, we are not assured.". In addition, the Internet occasionally children abducted by a fertilizer and other news, we simply can not calm." One of the parents said. Reporter survey found that parents of primary and secondary school children to send children to school, school is very common, and some parents even insisted on the end of the children’s college entrance examination (quality class). Comment: understand and respect the practice of parents "although only parents let go, the child can really grow up and independent, but the reality of the parents do not let go of this practice, we should understand and respect."." Senior citizens in our city believe that the reality of society is more complex, the external environment needs to be further improved; students’ self-protection awareness and ability also need to further improve through education, only in this way, parents can dare to let go, can let go. (Wuhan Evening News)

一年级孩子装3个追踪器 8成受访者称值得借鉴孩子刚上小学一年级,很多家长放心不下——孩子在学校怎么样啊?放学会不会跟着同学提前出了校门呢?近日,武汉晚报记者遇到了一个同样不淡定但很有办法的父亲:他给孩子身上装了3个“追踪器”,孩子的情况24小时尽收眼底。孩子带3个追踪器上学李先生是一年级新生的家长,中年得子的他对孩子比一般家长更上心、更紧张。孩子上一年级,他虽然每天坚持接送孩子上学、放学,但还是觉得不够放心。“为方便孩子遇事第一时间求助,也方便随时掌握孩子的动向,我除了给孩子买了一个可定位的电话手表,还在书包和衣服里装了两个定位跟踪器。万一遇到坏人下了孩子手表,我们也可以第一时间定位。”李先生说。两个月来,李先生的神器用上了两次:一次孩子在校突然肚子痛,第一时间联系上了他;一次孩子和同学走迷了路,定位找到了孩子。“现在只有一个孩子,任何万一情况,家庭都承担不起。多一项措施,就多一项保险。”李先生说。孩子上学家长多不淡定近日,记者走访了38位四年级小学生和他们的家长。他们当中八成认为李先生的做法很实用,值得借鉴,两成认为过分紧张,没必要。在这些家长中,坚持每天接送孩子的有37位,只有一位同学是自行上学、放学,因为他家就在校门旁边不远,连马路都不用过。这些被接送的孩子,家距学校大都在一两站路之间,有的只有两三百米,但家长都坚持每天接送。“现在车况、路况都蛮复杂,孩子一个人上学回家,我们不放心。另外,网上时不时有孩子被拐、遭人擂肥等消息,我们根本淡定不了。”一位家长如是说。记者调查发现,中小学生家长接送孩子上学、放学很普遍,有些家长甚至一直坚持到孩子高考(精品课)结束。点评:理解和尊重家长做法“虽然说只有家长放手,孩子才能真正长大独立,但家长现实中这种不放手的做法,我们应该理解和尊重。”我市资深教育人士认为,现实社会比较复杂,外部环境需要进一步改善;学生自我保护意识和能力也需要通过教育进一步提高,只有这样,家长才能敢放手、能放手。(武汉晚报)相关的主题文章: