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Fish can also be steamed! "Yushu kylin fish" – Sohu and the home and the last week, the rest of the Jinhua XO Sauce Fried ham, wanted to think, decided to do a particular thing. Very old Cantonese cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, this dish is very troublesome, but the taste is good, the Guangdong light and fresh, but the typical Cantonese style and if you feel trouble, it is good to see, if you feel love, give me back what homework, but this dish is a table should let the guests be startled at it, after all, rarely home, so the whole, Kung Fu is not in vain, how much to pay so much in return, of course, here is that chasing girls not too, sometimes pay no return, is! Well, today does not talk, we began to cook! Look at the menu with more convenient mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code, the number of public concern WeChat I can also search for WeChat public number: "Luo Shengtang" I will release the latest recipes on the WeChat public number in the latest events and my personal micro signal: LHEROW ingredients: a grass carp accessories: jujube fresh mushroom and the amount of seasoning vegetables of Jinhua ham the amount of starch in oyster sauce salt Yellow Wine: Grass Carp clean, take on both sides of the fish, then remove the skin, some fish pieces into a thick, sticky catch with a little salt and then put a little egg white and Yellow Wine grasping uniform, finally put a little dry starch grasping spare Jinhua ham steamed and cut into rectangular slices, fresh mushroom boiled water and about the size of the fish slices, red dates also cut the same size slices Finally, to put a piece of fish, and then the upper pile of a piece of Jinhua ham, then put red dates, finally is the mushroom, and then put the fish, so the cycle continues in code is good, the order of four ingredients can according to personal preferences to code steamer to boil, put the code good the fish in the fire and steam for three to five minutes. The steamed fish and put a little water in the wok, put a little salt and sauce, boil some thick hook Qian, when the fish after steaming out the sauce pouring on top of it. You can put some vegetables to look good on both sides, the most typical Chinese kale or cabbage, this can be looked at your own postscript: Grass Carp will tick fish some thorns, can be used to fish, meat less prickly, how many fish tick my previous article, we go to see it, to the skin possible for all of us will be difficult, it is impossible to keep the skin down when the encoder. Must use fresh mushroom, if you use letinous edodes, it is very difficult to bite, originally is to eat Cantonese crisp, it becomes a Roast Lamb Leg eating posture….. Fresh mushroom, to cook for a while, about cook for five minutes, out of the cold water over, clutching a water cut. Jinhua ham generally buy back all students need, must be steamed, steamed for a while, if the block is very small at least half an hour, or steamed through does not say, also very salty. The fish fillet is too thin, so it is out of taste, and the fish fillet is longer than the other three kinds of raw materials!相关的主题文章: