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UnCategorized Nord Pas de Calais is among the twenty six regions of amazing France. It borders with Belgium and is an incredible place to spend the vacations with family and friends on a self catering holiday. The very spectacular and amazing beauty of this pace will render your senses exhilarated and you will have the best of the times of your entire life here. As there are some of the most incredible places to be at in this region along with enthralling activities and entertainment facilities, you can be sure of having the most memorable time here. France rentals are very popular in the Nord Pas de Calais region. When you .e to Nord Pas de Calais then makes it a point to visit some of the most remarkable places of this place. Places that are much known for their splendor, their historical background and for other great reasons like their architecture and popularity. For instance, the great Bergues is a place that is a sure visit when you land here. Bergues, from belfry till the Saint Winoc’s abbey along with the pawnshop is now a great Mont de Piete museum. The facade of yellow bricks is actually a great feature of the old buildings of Bergues. This colorful place at the very foot of belfry is among the most amazing towns you can ever .e across. Then, Boulogne, the pioneer fishing port of France is another such place. This place has been rightly awarded with the status "Town of Art and History". It is a gem of a place. The town is fortified yet and retains its original city walls, chateau museum and a basilica. Towards the south of the region of Nord Pas de Calais is the Henri-Depuis Museum of Natural History along with the cathedral of the Notre- Dame. It is a great high tower, has richly embellished interiors, fine doorway and amazing overall structure. Inside the church, the tomb of St. Omer is located. Here are monuments, observation decks and other interesting things to delve into. There are so many places to visit in this region that renting holiday ac.modation gives you the time and space to explore to the full. When you .e to Nord Pas de Calais, you can certainly not miss the great events that take place here. Like Festival de la Cote d’Opale which is a two week long festival and occurs in over ten towns that are running along Cote D’Opale. These events .prise of exciting pop and jazz concerts and are of less duration. Another great event is the Music & Remparts Festival that goes on for 2 weeks. In this event there is a lot of folk and classical music that can be relished from all over France. When you wish to enjoy the very essence of this exquisite place then you should also make sure hat you attend the Battle of Napoleon. Each year, all the residents of the town reconstruct the very battle of great Napoleon. They wear period costumes and make the past .e alive at once. This is a very spectacular sight to behold and should not be missed at all. So, pack your bags and make all arrangements to visit this enthralling place and have great quality time with your family, enjoy this region to the full by renting a gite or house and use it as a base to explore. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: