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"Flourishing spring cup" festival of mountaineering competition ended yesterday — Gansu channel — people.com.cn original title: "flourishing spring cup" festival of mountaineering competition ended yesterday "prosperous Spring Festival Chongyang cup climbing game. The Lanzhou morning news chief correspondent Pei Qiang photo October 7th morning, by the Gansu Xinglongshan National Nature Reserve Management Bureau, Xinglongshan tourism management center and Yuzhong County Sports Bureau, the Lanzhou morning news co host, Lanzhou sowill Beverage Company Limited "prosperous Spring Festival Chongyang cup climbing competitions held as scheduled, 600 people aged 18 to 60 the age of the old, the young age of the players after 2 hours of passionate and intense competition, the final 64 people received the corresponding group awards, and on the spot to receive cash awards and prizes. At 9:15 that morning, each age group contestants are in the booming Shandong mountain entrance line, with a loud command shot, 600 contestants ran together to Xinglongshan mountain. Since the beginning of many people for many "strength" will be coerced to play in the stream of people, but not to travel 1 kilometers, different groups of participants have separate levels, players have vigorous physique run out in the front, and some "in" player is leisurely while slowly walking up the hill, while enjoying the leaves Manshan beauty, sometimes stop and take pictures. In the 600 contestants, except for a few "single-handed" mountain climbers, family members, friends and amateur sports groups visit entries of the majority of people, many in Lanzhou run, hiking, mountaineering team and other teams of professionals accounted for half of the participants. The day of the game each of the top 1 first prize, two prize 2, third-prize 3, excellence award 10 awards, a total of 64 contestants won the prize, and the winners are members of the amateur sports groups. It is understood that, in October 9th, the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is the festival day, Xinglongshan scenic area will be re launched the festival activities free of charge, all 60 years old with ID card free tour of Xinglongshan (including Xinglongshan, Qi Yunshan, Ma Shan three scenic spots?). (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)

“兴隆山泉杯”重阳节登山比赛昨日落幕–甘肃频道–人民网 原标题:“兴隆山泉杯”重阳节登山比赛昨日落幕 “兴隆山泉杯”重阳节登山比赛现场。兰州晨报首席记者裴强摄 10月7日上午,由甘肃兴隆山国家级自然保护区管理局主办,兴隆山旅游管理中心、榆中县文体局、兰州晨报共同承办,兰州信盈饮品有限公司协办的“兴隆山泉杯”重阳节登山比赛如期举行,600名18岁至60岁的老、中、青年龄段的参赛选手经过2个小时热情而激烈的竞争,最终有64人获得相应组别的奖项,并当场领取了现金奖励和奖品。 当日上午9时15分,各年龄组别的参赛者们依次在兴隆山东山入口处排好队,随着一声指令枪响,600名参赛者一齐向兴隆山山顶奔去。由于刚开始人多路窄,许多“实力派”战将被裹挟在人流中难以发挥,但行进不到1公里,各个组别的参赛者就已经分出了层次,身形矫健的选手当仁不让连走带跑地奔在了最前面,而一些“重在参与”的选手则优哉游哉地一边慢慢往山上走,一边欣赏漫山的红叶美景,时而停下来拍照留念。 在600名参赛者中,除了少数“单枪匹马”上山的登山爱好者之外,家庭成员、亲朋好友和业余运动群体组团参赛的人居多,兰州不少跑吧、徒步队、登山队等“专业人士”占了参赛者的半数。当天的比赛每组各评出一等奖1名,二等奖2名,三等奖3名,优秀奖10名的奖项,共64名参赛者获奖,而得奖者多是各业余运动群体的成员。 据了解,10月9日,也就是农历九月初九重阳节当天,兴隆山景区将再次推出重阳节免票活动,凡60岁以上老人可凭身份证免费游览兴隆山(包括兴隆山、栖云山、马?山三大景区)。 (责编:高翔、周婉婷)相关的主题文章: