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Small Business Sometimes some people sells some bad quality food with good quality like some people mixes some impurities into the food so they can gain more profit. But they never think that this food can harm other. This kind of less quality food can cause food poisoning and other disease. The food poisoning attorney helps us to get the justice. According to the loss of the person due to food poisoning the judge decides the amount of claim. According to the law system, a victim of the food poisoning has to provide evidence of 3 things to get a successful claim: Fault The injured person has to provide the evidence that the food processor or seller did something wrong in food preparation, processing, storage or handling. The victim must have some evidences to prove the fault of the food seller if the injured person failed to prove the fault of the food seller the he will not be able to get the claim. Causation The injured person has to show the fault of the processor or vendor caused the contamination of food, and must prove that the food provided by the seller or processor was the main cause of injury of the victim person. If they failed to show that the food seller is the guilty, then they would not be able to get the claim. Damages according to the harms and losses that the victim has been faced by consuming the contaminated food the judge decides the claim. For Example: A pregnant woman got claim of $3,000,000 because she lost her unborn babies due to contaminated food sold from a local pizza shop. The lady proved that the pizza seller was the guilty of food borne illness due to that the lady lost her unborn babies. A food poisoning attorney must have the legal and scientific knowledge about the food poisoning. Food poisoning lawsuits are science-based and .plex. Food poisoning attorney must have contact with microbiologists and epidemiologists for expert witnesses. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that in the U.S. each year there are76 million cases of food borne diseases. About5,000 victims die and 300,000 victims are hospitalized. Everyone in the world is in the risk for the illness, but, pregnant women (and their unborn babies), children and infants, the aged, and the rigorously ill are at peak risk for rigorous .plications, death and unending disability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: