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Four of non-performing assets are better too early to judge executives said inflection point sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament shares Niugu Lin Yi will be full, the government has still research debt plan, once published will actively implement. The first batch of pilot institutions may include four state-owned banks and the State-owned Assets Management Corporation of the four. The Securities Times reporter Sun Lulu as of yesterday evening, the four major state-owned banks in the first half of the "report card" disclosure is completed, the four banks in the first half net profit of about 497 billion yuan, the bank net profit reached more than 100 billion yuan. The bank semi annual report, the change of the outside attention there are two main reasons: one is the first half of the bank personal loans increased rapidly, occupied half of the country’s new RMB loans; two is due to the strengthening of credit asset management and increase the recovery and disposal of non-performing assets, four rows of new bad signs. Bad assets have improved this year, the bank non-performing loan trend is getting better and better, the new exposure of non-performing loans also decreased month by month." CCB chairman Wang Hongzhang said. In fact, in four lines, adverse signs of improvement is not only a construction. Agricultural Bank of China in the first half of last year and the adverse rate is almost flat, the bank non-performing rate rising trend slowed sharply, ICBC as of the two quarter of this year, the volume of non-performing is more than the end of the first quarter double down". However, the top four banks do not believe that the bad assets of the big line improvement. Now judge the quality of assets inflection point, it is too early to fashion. At present, the emergence of new adverse slowdown, the bank is to strengthen credit management and increase the specific disposal of non-performing assets." Chairman of the board of directors will easily say. The first half of ICBC and Bank of China have increased the intensity of non-performing assets. Among them, for the first half of a total settlement of non-performing loans 113 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of about 54%; total bank non-performing assets of 63 billion 780 million yuan, representing an increase of 46.78%. Yi Huiman said that in recent years, ICBC to take effective measures to the credit management, from the top-level design, strict accountability system, and other aspects of innovation, the new credit management system especially significant effect to the quality management of the new loans. The bank’s chief risk officer Ceng Jianhua also said that this year, CCB established comprehensive credit assessment and credit approval difference mechanism, detailed customer credit rating, do comprehensive credit re inspection and annual examination, to speed up the financial market, the industry, asset management three big direct center risk management mechanism construction, improve risk control ability. The integrated use of cash collection, make an inventory of migration, write offs, mass transfer and other means of disposal, the disposal of structure optimization, improve the disposal efficiency. Although the next few years, non-performing assets will still be running high, but the worst case of non-performing assets of China Construction Bank at the end of last year, the new exposure of the bad situation has bottomed out. Ceng Jianhua said. The bank provision coverage below the regulatory red line for the future trend of non-performing assets, for the judgment is consistent. Bank chief risk officer Pan Yueyi said that the future of bad theory相关的主题文章: