Fujian Jianou August 235.14 grams of drugs seized in Beijing peepsamurai

Fujian Jianou August "235.14 grams of drugs seized – Beijing Beijing in Nanping on 12 September, (Pan Wanling Chen Wei Chen Qinlin) August, Fujian Jianou police cracked three cases following the July provincial supervision of the target after the case of sporadic drug traffickers, shelter or drug addicts launched a battle. In August, a total of arrested drug suspects 10, investigated 76 drug addicts, destroyed the shelter or other drug dens 4, and seized 235.14 grams of drugs. Deep remote mountain dangerous parts investigation propaganda. (picture) Liu Jianhua taken over a period of three months of "safe Nanping" No. 3 in action, the Jianou Municipal Public Security Bureau has always been the major break, hit gangs, arrested drug traffickers, destroy the network as the main target of narcotics detection, requiring police will be placed in the most prominent position in drug control work of the public security work of the police. Resources to the anti drug fight tilt, to form a joint force. In the continuous deepening of combat at the same time, the police station in the area of the town, street village organization of village cadres and work in the field of forestry and power departments held a meeting involving Ma drugfactories watch video recognition; posters, announcements in the area, publicity materials, published reports of drug-related cases and personnel incentives and cash reward standard do not drain, town village, the village does not leak group, no leakage, known to every family, to mobilize the masses to actively participate in a comprehensive inventory of drug related ma. Captured drug traffickers. (picture) Liu Jianhua taken to carry out Mopai blocking source, the police station to conduct a comprehensive inventory of remote mountain farms, mountain forest, orchard farm, waste plant, abandoned mine, shed, warehouse and other parts of the precursor of Ma may be involved; drug trafficking activities in multiple places of entertainment, KTV, Internet cafes, the Gaestgiveriet Hotel is not regular inspection and control. The Bureau of the police station of the police, the Police Association and other staff and the local village with the relevant personnel, the implementation of the responsibility to ensure that a comprehensive inventory of the investigation carried out, place and work record signing, strengthen the focus of the area involved in drug control verification of ma. (end)相关的主题文章: