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Gao Hongbo and international football in Seoul is still at the Luneng AFC Champions League China 0 – [collection] Seoul Luneng 3-1 shot Monti world wave Stankovic Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhang Zhe) with 14 AFC Champions League Luneng in the final first leg away to 1 than 3 defeat to Seoul at the foot of FC last night, in the last 20 days of the "Korean football showdown" South Korean football, temporarily to 1 wins 1 flat leading football China. Next, Gao Hongbo led the country will become the protagonist, they will be in the first round of the 12 round of the challenge to challenge the current ranking of the South Korean team in Asia, the world’s top second. Because of the tight schedule, the task is heavy, so the Orangemen in Shenyang to start the training without too much adjustment, to enter the tactical training. Although the two teams participating in the international AFC Champions League to today to participate in the training, striker Zhang Yuning more to be late to the Orangemen before starting a genius return, but Gao Hongbo does not think it will delay the training, because before most international has participated in several flight training and body heat. Gao Hongbo and international watched Luneng game AFC Champions League commenting on the training, veteran Jiang Ning believes Gao Hongbo in China and South Korea is the first defensive tactics in the first place. South Korea is the Asian team, this time in their home, for us a lot of difficulties, can only go all out. In contrast, the first defense is very important." Jiang Ning said. In fact, yesterday made Luneng strategic mistakes blindly in the AFC Champions League away, were playing with rivals but not the defense has been penetrated. Gao Hongbo and internationas through TV watched the game on television AFC Champions League, international, have a preliminary understanding of the Seoul current weather and field environment. It is worth mentioning that the super team and the Chinese national team in the World Cup Stadium in Seoul, the historical record is quite bad. Club, Seoul FC against super team home record is 5 wins and 4 draws. Chinese Guozihao team has never won the world cup in Seoul Stadium: 2002 World Cup third round in the group phase, 0 to 3 lost to Turkey team; in 2004, Chinese Olympic team to 0 than 1 lost to South Korea’s Olympic team; the 2013 East Asian Cup, Chinese team to 0 than 2 lost to Japanese women, China men with 3 3 draw with the Japanese team. To the country is more unfavorable, the Sino Japanese war in September 1st, the referee is from the UAE, Hassan, he is a famous Chinese team enemy". In addition, the Orangemen for this round of 12 jersey will be red and yellow, there is no white shirt. September 1st away with the South Korean team, the country will be wearing a yellow jersey.相关的主题文章: