Gao Junxian played the depletion force I punyu

Gao Junxian I wandered exhausted force recently, Beijing Chinese film world Taiwan as a "blue sky" copyright and related rights of everything, the classical repertoire in the 23 years after the remake of a reality. Since, as a classic drama remake, actor Gao Junxian in person has always been controversial, the news caused a variety of exhibition Zhao praise and flying on the Internet tucao. The "blue sky" boldly rising Gao Junxian, challenge the classic role "ZhaoZhan", Gao Junxian is lucky is also facing tremendous pressure, he said I was running out of play "field force". Beat the three places many opponents to become the third president Gao Junxian said from the original genuine ZhaoZhan, when signing the apprehension to present the upcoming shed, the whole process has consumed all accumulated. Compared with the previous two version of "blue sky", the new version of the exhibition Zhao more plump and lively. The two edition of the exhibition Zhao more appear in Bao Zheng’s guard shape image, to promote the character of each unit through the exhibition Zhao detective. But in the new version, I was totally a separate image, not only martial arts posing, there are many psychological and emotional drama, the characters of logic is more in line with the current thinking of audience. I was destined to play controversial and Tucao, not just the bead front, but because of how many people read it, how many people are waiting to prick, much attention by so many tucao. Gao Junxian has to prepare for the crew in a few months has been win glory in battle, heat in dozens of kilograms of clothing hanging 40 play coercion wet still want to set out Mack daddy posture in the air to come down, so he is iron bastions. For the old version of the exhibition Zhao, he is more tribute, although that would be put out and the previous version, the old version also may have been many Tucao, he will understand this is the heroes of the price, but this is not much practical significance, after all, every era needs different I.相关的主题文章: