German media exposed Ivan and Schweinsteiger married next month, Murray was invited (Figure)

German media exposed Ivan and Schweinsteiger Murray was invited to get married next month (Figure) Ivan and her boyfriend Schweinsteiger sina sports news Beijing on February 9th news, the German media recently exposed the "picture" Ivanovic and her boyfriend, a "pig", the nickname of the German striker Schweinsteiger will be married next month, but Murray is one of the guests invited to attend. Ivan missed the top 16 in Australia, then return to Europe, while she and her boyfriend love travel, photographed by the media, the German media recently "picture" is claimed, said two people were almost a good thing, plans to hold a secret wedding next month, is to disclose some details, the wedding is not reported in Spain is in Serbia, the British tennis star Murray will be invited to attend, this is because Murray’s father is the coach Ivan, so two people close relation. In addition, some of the German national team teammate Schweinsteiger and his former club Bayern Munich team will also attend the wedding, but he is currently club Manchester United team-mates are invited to also can make nothing of it. The newly crowned Australian Open champion Gobel earlier in an interview between accidentally broke the news seems to confirm this news, she said he won the Australian Open after receiving a Ivan congratulatory message, and said he and Ivan are good friends in the tournament, is looking forward to her wedding. Ivan and Schweinsteiger established in September 2014, has been two people who are more high-profile show of affection, the pig was accompanied by Ivan played here last year, French and other events, Ivan was watching her boyfriend football, but in this marriage thing on the two is unusually secretive and low tone. (rod)

德媒曝伊万与施魏因施泰格下月结婚 穆雷受邀(图) 伊万与男友施魏因施泰格   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月9日消息,近日德国媒体《图片报》曝出伊万诺维奇和男友、有着“小猪”绰号的德国国脚施魏因施泰格将与下个月完婚,而穆雷是受邀出席的客人之一。   伊万在澳网无缘16强,随后便返回欧洲,期间她和男友恩爱出行,被媒体拍到,近日德国媒体《图片报》更是爆料,称两人好事将近,计划在下个月举行一场秘密婚礼,更是披露了一些细节,报道称婚礼不是在西班牙就是在塞尔维亚,英国网球名将穆雷将受邀出席,这是因为穆雷的岳父是伊万的教练,因此两人关系比较亲近。   此外施魏因施泰格的德国国家队队友以及他的前东家拜仁慕尼黑队的一些队友也都将出席婚礼,但是他现东家曼联俱乐部的队友是否有人受邀还不得而知。   而新科澳网冠军科贝尔此前在接受采访时无意间的爆料似乎也印证了此消息,她表示自己澳网夺冠后收到了伊万的祝贺信息,并表示自己和伊万是巡回赛里很好的朋友,很期待参加她的婚礼。   伊万和施魏因施泰格2014年9月确立关系,一直以来两人都比较高调秀恩爱,小猪曾经陪伴伊万出战去年澳网、法网等赛事,伊万也曾观看男友足球赛,不过在结婚这件事上两人却异常隐秘和低调。   (rod)相关的主题文章: