Get Window Solutions For Noise

With studies showing that sleep is a major factor in improving health, homeowners are turning to noise reduction methods to improve their sleep. Michael Shoemaker, owner and window contractor of Custom Windows, is an expert in noise reduction. If you are living in an environment with excessive external noise, home window replacement Houston style might be just the thing you need. Says Milgard Windows, manufacturers of the Quiet Line series, Sound problems can have a significant impact on the enjoyment of your home, particularly if it disrupts your sleep. To understand how noise can affect your health and how the right replacement windows can help, you need to know about some common myths regarding noise reduction windows so you can make an informed buying decision. NOISE REDUCTION WINDOW MYTHS Triple pane windows are the best choice for noise reduction: This follows the line of thought that if two window panes are good, three window panes must be better! Unfortunately, noise reduction isnt solved just by adding more glass. Insulation (like Argon gas) is an effective method of noise reduction: Unfortunately, while great at improving a homes energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs, insulation does not help reduce noise the way that replacement windows do. Heavy drapes or blankets will eliminate noise: While we agree its a good idea to try other methods to create a quiet home, window treatments are not an effective solution for noise reduction. WINDOW SOLUTIONS FOR NOISE REDUCTION Storm Windows: While not the ideal method for permanently reducing noise, if youre in need of a quick fix, storm windows are a good first step. STC Offset Glass: This is a method where dual panes of glass are used but the thickness of each pane is adjusted so the variations change the resonance frequencies between the glass which helps reduce noise. Specialized Sound-Control Windows: An example of the best choice when it comes to serious sound proofing are the Milgard Quiet Line series of windows. Theyre almost as effective as a brick wall! CUSTOM WINDOWS SOLVES YOUR SLEEP PROBLEMS Now that you know the importance of a good nights sleep and are informed about the myths and solutions surrounding noise reduction, youre ready to take action. If window replacement is what youre interested in, Michael Shoemaker and the team at Custom Windows can help. Dont let another sleepless night pass you by. Contact Custom Windows today and let window replacement start solving your sleep problems. About the Author: Custom Windows, LLC focuses on providing high quality products and personalized customer service at affordable prices. For custom window replacement Houston, TX style, call Custom Windows. For more information for custom window replacement projects, visit site today! 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