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Gianna Jun Song Ji Hyo – "Yan drama" big screen drama yen value fell trough lead: 818 "high energy" in Yan drama "my man" aspect and fashionable style; follow up the Lee Min Ho Gianna Jun drama new situation and Kong Xiaozhen for the opera publicity dress; will recommend a good drama related to daily entertainment circle inside! (source: posters fashion network drama stills) to live in my house "man" starring Li Zhuhe Premiere: show love Jin Yingguang 2016-10-24 (South Korea) on Monday on new drama "my diffuse change man" said is a pair of strange men because of some uncontrollable factors and lived under the same roof by quarreling the old love story, the hero and the heroine’s stepdaughter stepfather seemingly also reveals a fresh set of touching the moral bottom line heavy taste, but this is purely false propaganda as set only for the main female gimmick, always nagging "life is unpredictable, but the story has on the contrary everything can be measured, the plot is Marysu all kinds of routines, but the poster weave was willing to be" stuck ", because the weave is a pure color control! Jin Yingguang Li Zhuhe is how this kind of cold and warm two gold star beauty legs Department screen, everyone to see his eyes, can not lick the screen appearance Association member! Jin Yingguang Li Zhuhe and the two thin man or many sisters love good bestie combination. They are the same period debut of Madou, time and development actors are also not much difference between transformation, private intimategood comrades, last year two people were more Korea netizen jokingly into modelling "Avengers" popular gang. Jin Yingguang lives in the "man" is the good gay friend following the high Yan drama "white Christmas" after the second screen posters from the distribution of promising cooperation, like double male, but Jin Yingguang scenes heavier. He plays in the main female stepfather debut is a mob warm male. Jin Yingguang and the woman first face, wearing a straw hat Jin Yingguang farmer riding a bicycle, a faint but seemingly poor and blank, simple low-key "landlord" tabloid, a pair of jeans back modified long legs full advantage! Jin Yingguang that with a smile like hanging open pure pollution-free grassroots face, the sun shines brightly charming, very much in line with the warm male image of the master set, which also makes the show more natural persuasion! Li Zhuhe compared the warm and golden Yingguang, Li Zhuhe will continue to do a thin bone fairy wind "peacock fashionable men", no matter how to change how the scene shot, his stereo like carved Poker Face never collapse, such as static dynamic picture magazine, each frame can almost separate section for the desktop! She said that since the poster is "Yan opera", the male is rich handsome, women also need white Formica, and also must be attractive and non aggressive favorability beauty! She just meet the above needs, her greatest weakness is nothing more than older than Li Zhuhe, Kim 8, Everbright 9 years old, but they don’t look old elegant, delicate facial sweet smile, holding up the occupation wear Look with fashion show slightly boast is full of bursting point, cordial and pleasant! Korean drama wife this week to!相关的主题文章: