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Send gifts festival set allows you to save money and have the Sohu do not know when, skin care products on the luxury of the title, a small bottle of oil worth a million is also very common, in fact, skin care products and not the more expensive the better, but according to their own skin to choose a suitable for their own skin problems is the most important. Today, Xiao Jia on the basis of saving money and suitable skin care suit as a starting point, one by one to introduce several cost-effective skin care kit! The price of water 1. watch the Spring Festival coming soon, after the long winter, ushered in the spring breeze raging, the skin will not only dry skin will, by this time you should pay attention to the skin replenishment, replenishment, this season does not fill oil Oh ~ skin moist skin problems no longer have enough! Biotherm powder Spring Festival gift box (Limited Edition) 750 yuan, Biotherm is absolutely the king of water saving series, equivalent to 5000 liters of mineral springs strong moisturizing energy. Activate your thousands of fresh water cells daily. 2. cost whitening system in early spring and wind warm sunshine, in the clean air and sky, many women want to have white skin, no matter who is the heart always keep whitening of the heart, not spring whitening, one year only sad, but there are a lot of whitening skin care, do you use? Sekkisei make-up water and wind powder Sakura Edition 430 yuan from the Japanese high popularity of whitening skin every time, so that the skin from the inside out as snow white, you still insist on the use of a miracle! 3., the price of light, busy for a whole year, life, work pressure, pollution of the city, so that the original white face has gradually gray up, the beginning of the new year, we began the "bright white revolution"". Let you shine fast and smooth. Yang Ze to run suit 400 yuan premium fresh gift set, they are a classic Pierre, the skin will give Fresh, from clean, moist, smooth, to brighten, they always show excellent and efficient energy beauty. Compact 4. price department even the most open-minded woman, even the wrinkles as years of gifts, but the "Relaxation", is definitely a woman untied the knot, the nightmare, the new year is to allow the skin to get Everfount power, to the most lovely woman. Let your skin recover tight, tender, tender, support the skin youthful spring. Plantion anogeissus youth tight package 880 yuan this money play a limited supply, six products, rich apple muscle, clear tight chin contour, texture delicate tight elastic, molding thump little cheeks oh

送礼就送节日套 让你省钱又有面-搜狐      不知何时,护肤品挂上了奢侈的称号,小小一瓶精油身价过万也很常见,其实护肤品并不是越贵越好,而是根据自己的肤质选择一套适合自己肌肤问题的最为重要。今天小嘉就以省钱又适合的护肤套装为出发点,一一为大家介绍几款性价比不错的护肤套装!   1.性价比之补水系      眼看春节马上来临,熬过漫长寒冬,又迎来春风肆虐,春天皮肤不仅会干还会起皮,到这个时候你才最应该给肌肤补水,注意,这个季节补水不补油哦~肌肤水润够了,皮肤问题不再有!      碧欧泉粉活泉节日礼盒(限量版) 750元   碧欧泉绝对是补水系列的省钱之王,相当于5000公升矿物温泉的强大保湿能量。每日激活你的万千水润鲜活细胞。   2.性价比之美白系      早春和风暖暖的阳光,在澄净的空气和天光里,很多女性最希望拥有嫩白的肌肤,无论是谁内心永远保持美白之心,新春不美白,一年徒伤悲,而美白的护肤有很多,你用对了吗?      雪肌精化妆水 和风粉樱版 430元   来自日本高人气美白护肤,每一次使用,令肌肤由内而外如雪清透,坚持使用还你一个美白奇迹!   3.性价比之提亮      忙碌一整年,生活、工作压力,城市的污染让原本白皙的脸蛋也渐渐灰暗起来,新年伊始,我们开始“亮白革命”。让你迅速透亮光滑。      漾泽致润套装 400元   超值的fresh套装礼盒,都是他们家的经典臻品款,将肌肤交给Fresh,从清洁、水润,到柔滑、焕亮,它们永远展现卓越高效的美颜能量。   4.性价比之紧致系      即使最豁达的女人,即使能把皱纹当作岁月的礼物,但“松弛”,绝对是女人解不开的心结、挥之不去的噩梦,新年就让肌肤获得源源不断的电力,送给最可爱的女人。让你的肌肤恢复紧、弹、嫩,撑起肌肤青春弹簧。      Plantion榆绿木青春紧弹超值套装 880元   此款个套装限量供应,六款产品,充盈饱满苹果肌,清晰紧实下巴轮廓,细腻紧弹的肌质,朔造砰然心动的小脸颊哦~相关的主题文章: