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Go to Taiwan, which will regret not eat delicacy? – Taiwan tourism Sohu is a delicacy in heaven, whether it is Chinese food and cuisine delicacy in various Western-style food, gathered here, to Taiwan, to be a happy chowhound! Taiwan can not miss the delicacy of amounting to almost all small intestine large intestine package all of Taiwan’s night market has small intestine large intestine package. Glutinous rice sausage cut clip pure meat sausage, along with cabbage, cucumber, onion silk, according to the different sauces personal preferences, bite, the taste is very rich, eat to meet. Price: 50 dollars amounting to five of the squid squid, brush with honey sauce, using charcoal grilled, sprinkle with white sesame embellishment, roasted aroma from squid balls that can smell. Squid balls taste very Q, with seaweed, sour, salt and pepper, curry taste a lot. Price: NT $35 in France who who put the egg in the plate, coated with thick toast into the pan fried, then add ingredients to open the lid, you can choose the taste very much, such as black pepper beef, pineapple and pumpkin seafood Shrimp balls ah, very rich. Price: 40-50 NT so big salt steamed shrimp shrimp, salt and pepper seasoning made of simple salt steamed shrimp, the color looks very attractive, very soft shell shrimp, shrimp taste slightly sweet, and only eat this too cool! Price: NT $110 we recommend mixed spicy duck blood, everyone can eat fish, which is not completely Q, duck blood soup has a fishy taste of traditional Chinese medicine, faint, very good. In the chilly night, such a hot drink and warm soup, chewing and fish balls, couldn’t it more beautiful! Price: 30-50 Taiwan small octopus octopus balls so there are a variety of seafood and shrimp fillings, there are a lot of vegetables, taste delicious, very worth a try! We looked at ordinary Mein mein ice mango mango Mein mein ice delicious to burst! Milk taste fragrant, like ice cream generally soft taste, sweet and fresh mango. As long as 100 NT dollars. Price: 100 dollars so delicious pineapple pineapple Shrimp balls Shrimp balls, the outer layer is fried crisp flour, inside is sweet shrimp with pineapple, eat together, sweet and sour appetizer and good taste! Price: 100 dollars the most authentic Taiwan night market in Taipei Shilin Taipei is the largest, so the absolute best known for the night. Originally the snack and vendors, due to the expansion of scale and market opportunities, the formation of a special cultural phenomenon with the other night, also become a good place for Taipei’s nightlife. Open time: weekday tips? 16:00-24:00, holiday 17:00-24:00 traffic information: MRT Jiantan Road No. 1 port is from the Imperial Palace, can take the 30 road in Taipei Raohe night相关的主题文章: