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Zhaojin Futures: Coke mills profit narrowed Rose Limited client view the latest market overview with the national strategy of supply side reform, coal, steel ore industry chain profit are greatly improved compared to the same period, the country’s industrial structure adjustment to the upstream and downstream industry profits are reasonable distribution, coke enterprises also get better promotion in the industrial chain the premium and profitability. At present, the price of coke by short-term bullish factors stimulate or too large, the profit per ton coke coke is generally good, profits generally around 300 yuan, compared to the same period of profit has increased substantially, high profit to the coke operating rate increased gradually, with the decline in steel profits space, coke supply and demand will gradually ease the tense situation. Information released from the market point of view, the first 7 months of the year to complete the task of coal production capacity of the year, the annual production capacity of steel to complete the task of the year, the second half of the coal production capacity of more than 2.5 tons of more than 47%, more urgent task. Although the environmental protection investigation will be normalized, but after the early investigation, environmental protection equipment production equipment gradually improved, environmental impact factors are also weakened, is expected to supply the previous loose coke. Strategic risk 1, macro money expected change. 2, inventory low. Trading plan of the strategy, the current positions: empty coke 1701 contract 100 hand positions according to the market changes, market outlook and flexible operation; Jiancang range of $1300-1350 tons and tons of target range of 1000 yuan to 1400 yuan, stop interval tons, is expected holding period is about 2-3 months. Analysis of 1 factors, economic stage of stable situation is expected in the four quarter is expected to loose money supply is weak, as of August 2016, China’s broad money (M2) balance of 151 trillion and 98 billion 291 million yuan, an increase of 11.4%, the chain increased 1.1%, according to China’s monetary supply. Put the money in, statistics show that as of 19, the open market a total of 270 billion yuan and 85 billion 100 million yuan repurchase period of 3 years and no central ticket expires, repurchase expires. For the Mid Autumn Festival holiday on Thursday and Friday 130 billion yuan maturity repurchase postponed to 18 days to maturity, so the realized net capital invested 140 billion yuan, short-term funds strong. Loans, August new RMB loans 948 billion 700 million yuan, compared with more than doubled in July. Segment door, household sector loans increased by 675 billion 500 million, of which short-term loans increased by $146 billion 900 million, long-term loans increased by $528 billion 600 million. Non-financial enterprises and government agencies increased loans 120 billion 900 million yuan, of which short-term loans decreased by $117 billion 200 million, medium and long-term loans decreased by $8 billion, an increase of $223 billion 500 million bills financing. Non banking financial institutions loans increased by 146 billion 300 million yuan. Data show that the increase in the number of personal loans is the main motivation for the recent increase in the number of new loans. Overall, the national monetary policy to stabilize the main monetary policy in the economic stage of stable situation will steady tightening is expected in the four quarter is expected to loose weak. Figure 1: New RMB loans, broad money (M2).相关的主题文章: