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Golden Age Classic held Hamilton Jazz Series gold watch slim – tasting home watch watch [Sohu] tasting since ancient times, gold is a symbol of beauty, delicacy, vitality and luster, is the so-called "good with a sword, a good horse with a good saddle, the watch brand first launched the flagship after gold watch. In this year’s Basel International Jewellery Show, Hamilton and gold again, launched a commemorative full watch, Jazz Series slim gold watch, it is the H38545751 model. Lancaster classic held positive views of Hamilton was founded in 1892 in Pennsylvania, when the United States is in the industrial era of hurricane, Hamilton seize the opportunity to quickly occupy a square world in the watch industry. In modern western eyes, America is not only the explorers paradise, it is the main origin of gold, gold is the first pot of gold in western countries to achieve capital accumulation, in the ancient Romans, gold is known as "Aurum", meaning the bright dawn, gold is not only means wealth, also means beautiful and vitality. Side view of Hamilton and gold has origin, in 1923, Hamilton made the two hour, the pillow shaped watches made only four medals, respectively by 18K 14K and 14K platinum gold, green gold material, 1928 also launched a series of famous 18K Piping with Rock. This year, Hamilton issued this watch is not only in the last century to pay tribute to the 20s gold watch with 1892 pieces of material, the quantity issued to commemorate the creation of the brand in hamilton. Side view of golden age compared with the H of other styles of watches, gold watch in Jazz Series slim although dial design and not too much innovation, but with the composite collocation of various elements, especially the use of gold material, still give people a unique means. Figure 18k rose gold case with dial material, polished rose gold, which can give people a golden enjoyment, but not too bright is too sharp. Arched dial, pavement with meaningful silver white, with rose gold pointer and scale, surrounded by a rose gold bezel, gold and silver in the wrist meet in one. Sharp edge Princess pointer only when the two needle, eliminating the common second hand, scale by inlaying three-dimensional graphics format, without the use of general digital Rome and Arabia digital dial design, it is both simple and elegant, and is also very convenient, at the same time six o’clock position with a calendar display window, sparkle, and more convenient life in general use. The crown chart circular surface ear uses the 18k rose gold material, the polishing becomes, touches the feeling to be mellow and comfortable, the side has the stripe to modify, the size is appropriate, the adjustment is convenient. At the top of the top of the table with Hamilton’s logo "H", highlighting the brand culture. (a single insert one, look at the picture has not let you feel this case thin?) )相关的主题文章: