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Guoping: let Cambodia friendship flowers earth Rouge – View – in October, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Kampuchea to open Asian tour. The two day of the trip is full of sincere feelings of the neighborhood, brotherhood. There is a consensus that the President Xi’s visit to achieve a better vision for Cambodia friendship over the open flower Khmer earth. Dear China, my heart has not changed, she will always miss you…… The people of Kampuchea are your friends forever!" Cambodia traditional friendship and how deep? The former king of Kampuchea Sihanouk song "miss China" road to make the Sino Cambodian friendship in perfect sympathy with each other. How long today China Cambodia relations? "Four good location" remarkable — live together in peace together a good neighbor, fellowlike good brothers, good friends, in perfect sympathy with each other solidarity and good partners. Let Chinese particularly impressive is that critical moment to resolutely safeguard territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, is committed to resolving disputes through peaceful negotiations in Kampuchea China, always uphold the principle of justice, speak out, show the small and large country between equality and sincerity, unity and certainty of friendship between countries all over the world. Focus on the details of this visit, President Xi’s visit to Cambodia travel also let the world to further feel China Cambodia relations close sincere. Prior to departure, Xi Jinping, chairman of the Kampuchea light of the Kampuchea newspaper published a signed article, the first time triggered widespread concern and enthusiastic response from all walks of life in Kampuchea. 13 afternoon, President Xi arrived in Kampuchea, the Phnom Penh became the flag and the sea of flowers, welcome the masses to hold portraits of the leaders of the two countries, passionate emotion shows between the lines. Mr Xi talks with king Sihamoni, the outstanding contribution and highly affectionate memories of King Norodom Sihanouk made Cambodia friendship; see the Empress Dowager Monile, welcome to Queen Monile and King Sihamoni continue to China as a second home, often to Chinese a walk, look, also specially to send Sihanouk King memorial statue presented wreaths. Before the meeting with Prime Minister Hong Sen, Mr Xi did not forget to lay a wreath at the Independent Monument in Kampuchea. The people of Kampuchea to Kampuchea, the true feelings, so that people truly feel Cambodia friendship thick and warm. Let the people of the two countries to see the beautiful vision of Cambodia pragmatic cooperation, is the highlight of the visit president xi. The joint statement issued by the People’s Republic of China and Kingdom of Cambodia is comprehensive and specific, covering a wide range of practical areas such as politics, economy, security and culture. From the "Cambodia government economic and technological cooperation agreement to jointly promote the" "on the compilation" The Belt and Road "construction plan for cooperation memorandum of understanding" the 31 cooperation documents, dizzying and inspiring. Chinese "The Belt and Road" initiative, "13th Five-Year" planning with Kampuchea "four corner" strategy, "2015 – 2025 Industrial Development Plan" effective docking, to "The Belt and Road ‘initiative first partner is the neighboring countries, the primary beneficiaries is neighboring countries" and "Chinese promises" a better explanation. "Let the two countries continue to do a high degree of mutual trust and good friends and good partners in perfect sympathy with each other the fate of the community, bound together in a common cause." The prospect of bilateral relations in the future, Xi Jinping put forward four expectations:)相关的主题文章: