Guotai Junan football field force

Guotai Junan: "football field force" ready [] "football industry analysis field force" ready for the national football tournament, a high degree of concern, twelve finals will be to stimulate long-term and significant of the various segments of football industry. No matter good or bad record, the national football tournament, attention has always been firmly in the top sports events. 2002 World Cup Group China’s domestic match against Brazil as high as 30.1%, creating the world cup broadcast history record high ratings of second. But after fifteen years in the national football World Cup dream again, Chinese football have experienced reborn, with Chinese Super League as the representative of the occupation football league has won the national high degree of concern, a breakthrough in the national team level is bound to. The twelve race across the whole year, will be a test for the achievement of soccer reform, will also be on the future development of domestic football industry. It is expected to open sports marketing, players training, upgrading stadiums, sports lottery and other segments of the potential space. Investment advice: football industry will be affected by the country in the round of twelve foot stimulation continued hot, key recommendation: Lehman shares (LED+ has a double sports industry, sponsorship rights, super + strong layout player brokerage), alto Electronics (Chinese team courtside LED service providers, force of sports marketing and the redevelopment of the Stadium), contemporary Paul (the leading sports marketing field, the acquisition of top football broker brokerage business players MBS layout). The recommended holdings of Tempus international business driven by increased demand for the company’s revenue to maintain rapid growth; the capital of octopus, layout of the supply chain, is expected to achieve all-round coordinated development. Continue to force tourism financial sector, to provide impetus to the big tourism ecosystem, maintaining 201617 years EPS was $0.58, raised the target price to $28.60, overweight. Hailide recommended holdings company reported revenues of 1 billion 207 million yuan (+16.71%), attributable to the parent company net profit of 146 million yuan (+26.61%), EPS0.30 yuan, in line with expectations. In addition, the company expects the first three quarters of the parent net profit of 2.21-2.55 billion yuan, an increase of 30%-50%, the subsequent growth is still strong. Completion of the issuance of the company, the company is expected to be diluted 2016-2017 EPS0.61 0.80 yuan. In view of the company lianzibu smoothly, capacity rapid release, and the new capacity at the world’s top suppliers, should be given a premium valuation, the company raised its target price to 24 yuan, corresponding to 2016 PE40 times. Overweight rating. PPP recommended holdings Hongrun construction accelerated landing rail industry broke the layout of new energy deepening, increase the company 201617 years EPS was 0.25 0.37 (the original 0.25 0.35 yuan). Reference to the company’s valuation level, and consider the company’s PPP rail acceleration and layout of new energy charging pile premium, raised the target price to 10 yuan, corresponding to 2016 times of PE, to maintain overweight rating.相关的主题文章: