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He’s gone, and the fire is still burning. – the society – some people are dead, he’s still alive. Gao Baolai is such a person. He regards Lei Feng as an idol, he believes in loyalty. As a grassroots police in the capital, high Bora in the ordinary post, burning himself to illuminate others. The children were infected by his love, the crowd was moved by his words and deeds, his colleagues were guided by his spirit…… Gao Baolai is gone, but his love in the transmission, the spirit of heritage, life continues. Love in the transmission of love, can be passed, only a small action, you can touch the hearts of the warmth of the people…… This is the kind of man the police, he passed on to everyone." This is Zhao Runze in the Haidian Experimental Primary School in the five grade to write the proposition – "a respectable man". "This topic, there are 50% students wrote was" police grandpa "." Haidian experimental primary school teacher Ma told reporters that the high school in the school gate 5 years of duty, the teachers put him in charge of the family, parents and children are even when he loved ones. To help parents and children to open the door, he passed a simple action to love, but also taught the children how to love." In the spring of 2015, the children did not see their "Grandpa."". The children are anxious to find a teacher, parents also arrived at the high school, Polaris was seriously ill in hospital, let everyone unbearable. A touch of love letters, a greeting card, the children want to use their hands to hold high the great grandfather. In the past, grandpa has been using his big hands to protect us, and now he is sick, we have to let him feel the warmth and strength from us." 10 yuan, 20 yuan, $100, $200…… The children take out of pocket money, parents to send love, teachers have generously. Designed for high school Bora held "the good life of peace loving donations, a morning raised more than 360 thousand yuan. Zhao Runze was in junior high school, specially to the mother in advance of pocket money, specially sent to the police station. Zhao Runze’s mother said, "it’s high officer who taught the children how to be grateful." "Their love gave me the greatest encouragement, I want to live strong."   children holding high high miss Grandpa, Bora with children, "I was ill, back guard, we say Be There Or Be Square." But always said high Bora do, this let me down. In the spirit of inheritance of "what is the force to support him, let him so tenaciously obsessed with community events, even putting their health in jeopardy?" The deeds of Gao Baolai, political commissar of the Haidian branch Liu Shaobo let into deep thinking. "I love Lei Feng very much, and I admire his real life. I will give my life to the party and the people, as Lei Feng did……" In finishing Gao Baolai’s file, he was 18 years old when he wrote the words, seems to give the answer. Community police work, cannot do without the stem out of the small household affairs, warm hearts. Residents of the big sister, early life bumpy, in mind相关的主题文章: