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Henan, Xinxiang issued an official official occasions called " Comrade "     how do you see? Henan Channel – people.com.cn original title: official occasions call each other comrade ye see "golden waterway observation" published reports, reading volume exceeded 100 thousand, the people’s daily administrative micro-blog were forwarded in November 22nd, WeChat observed public "golden waterway Henan Daily’s" (ID: zzjinshuilu) "published in Xinxiang, don’t called" Secretary "and" mayor "" director ", be called" comrade ", has aroused strong repercussions, the amount of reading quickly after more than 100 thousand continue to grow exponentially. In November 23rd, the Henan Daily reporter from Xinxiang city learned that many, with the further implementation of the requirements, and more and more people in Xinxiang to see the Henan daily "reported the waterway observation" published, the title of the "comrades" in the city of Xinxiang is increasingly popular, has become a lot of government departments, enterprises and institutions and the family talking about the topic. [Xinxiang] document operation and formal conference call each other "comrade" in November 22nd, a red head file caused by forwarding on the Internet, in this is called the "Xinxiang Municipal People’s Government Office on further regulating the national staff in the document operation and formal meeting occasions call notice", Xinxiang clear requirements in the document operation and formal meeting occasions to further standardize the national staff called for national staff, both leading cadres, and ordinary staff are not official said, will be called "comrade". Henan daily waterway observation subsequently published reports "in Xinxiang, don’t call" secretary "and" mayor "" director ", be called" comrade ", and quickly formed a network hotspot. Henan Chinese commercial news reporter noted that the report from the evening of 22 issued around the time of 10, the rapid increase in the amount of reading, as of 23, more than 13, the amount of reading has exceeded one hundred thousand. In addition, people’s daily, the official WeChat is in the headlines in Xinxiang issued "Henan: national staff are not official said, will be called" comrade "" were forwarded, caused wide spread nationwide. [] in the past has caused widespread concern after the publication of reports, has aroused strong repercussions in the local Xinxiang. Henan Daily reporter learned that the night of November 22nd, the Xinxiang local media people, many civil servants have taken note of the reports, 23 reported continuous fermentation, Xinxiang city more and more civil servants, business unit staff to read, forward, comment on the report. Among them, the functional departments of Xinxiang municipal government staff told the Henan Daily reporter, on the morning of 23, his WeChat circle of friends friends and colleagues forwarded "golden waterway observation" the report, "we all feel this thing is very fresh, very meaningful, and let more people see." The afternoon of November 23rd, Xinxiang municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the relevant personnel said, more than a day, officials in Xinxiang city more and more to see the report, a very high degree of concern, "in fact (called each other ‘comrades’ do)相关的主题文章: