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High speed rail connection to the world of dreams, China Sohu News – Youth Online News (China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Shen Shaobo) high-speed rail has become an indispensable part of our life, in 12th Five-Year the plan clearly put forward to "basically completed the country’s rapid rail network, as of 12th Five-Year last year by the end of 2015 high-speed railway network China has basically formed the" four horizontal "pattern, the high-speed train fleet amounted to 1300 units, the total operating mileage of 14000 kilometers, the cumulative carry 1 billion 400 million passengers, Chinese rail transit comprehensive into the iron age". In China every day thousands of high iron and Benz in the vast expanse of land, from the north to the south, from the west to the East, high iron not only closer to the distance between the city and become a strong power to promote the China of regional economic development, but also closer to the people from heart to heart, narrowing the distance between dream and everyone. Micro film "high iron" tells the story of the life changing China school student in Malaysia Safi, Beijing movie projectionist Zhang Jian, traveling around the country, trainer Yang Zonghua love to draw the little girl Zhao Junna with high iron bonds through the high-speed rail closer to the dream dream story. Malaysia students Safi’s dream is to become a diplomat, he traveled through the high-speed rail China, understand the Chinese historical culture and folk customs, with Chinese high iron to the world, Safi travels around the world also have more Chinese high iron company. From Tianjin North Zhang Jian at the train station, met his girlfriend, high iron to help him on time through the emotional crisis, now Zhang Jian and his girlfriend married, the Beijing Tianjin high-speed railway to build the road for his warm home. Traveling around the country trainer Yang Zonghua suggested more regional specialty, specialty products layout of high-speed railway station, to help a large number of private enterprises to obtain good returns, Yang Zonghua believes China high-speed railway development will become a powerful driving force of regional economic development, for small businesses, high-speed rail will make them more intensive and commercial activities efficiency, which will provide a more broad space for the development of small and medium sized enterprises. Read the fourth grade Zhao Junna love painting, the painting is the love train, her mother is a high iron industrial workers, in the eyes of Nana, mother’s work is very great, she and her colleagues in the production of high-speed trains is changing Chinese thousands on thousands of lives, with a simple dream thousands on thousands of Chinese. China’s rapid development of high-speed rail, China’s international status is also rising. Micro film "The Belt and Road Chongqing" in Xinxiang College of foreign language, "the new Silk Road outside the world, seeing the China" summer special practice team pursuing historical road, uphold the friendly to Chongqing, various colleges and universities, through the "The Belt and Road along the country, students from the perspective of" seeking Chinese image". In the mouth of the international students in China is now an open, generous country, she not only has a long history and culture, but also has a way to go on the road to revival and vigor. Guided by the national Internet information office network news information bureau, Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online hosting, China film archive, the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee, the Chinese micro filial piety Festival, Yongchang Media Co 2.相关的主题文章: