History of the strongest anti telecommunications network fraud storm what role does the bank bear ricky lee neely

History of the strongest anti telecommunications network fraud storm: what role does the bank bear? Surging news reporter Li Yingying since August 21st this year, Shandong Xu Yuyu for prospective students since the death of telephone fraud cheated light tuition fees, the relevant departments of the state has intensified a crackdown on fraud in the telecommunications network, the introduction of a series of heavy files. As a channel of fund transfer, banks have become an important role in the anti fraud work. In September 23rd, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the people’s Bank, China China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued six departments "to prevent and combat fraud in the telecommunications network of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). The notice from various departments have developed a strict and specific measures, called the history of the most stringent telecommunications network fraud fight. "Circular" clearly requires that the implementation of the telecommunications network fraud crimes, must immediately stop all illegal activities. Before October 31, 2016 surrendered the initiative can be given a lighter or mitigated punishment stipulated within this refused to surrender, will be severely punished according to law. Notice and the relevant parts of the bank, for ordinary people, the most influential than the original real-time arrival of the personal ATM machine transfer, from December 1, 2016 onwards, all accounts of the same name changed to 24 hours after arrival. Although many people think that this provision is choking, but the feedback from the police, cheated one hour to intercept the reported success rate is relatively high, to achieve the effective interception, after being cheated of the "golden hour" is the key. The move also reflects the Ministry of public security "firm determination to resolutely put criminals arrogance. Transfer channel for banking financial institutions to open accounts, as early as March 14th of this year, the CBRC issued "on the banking strike governance telecommunications network new illegal crime related work notice", requiring commercial banks to strictly manage the real name system, strictly limit the number of open cards, with an open bank debit card shall not exceed 4 for the same a customer. Notice continued to emphasize the implementation of the above 4 quota requirements. "Notice" further clear, since December 1, 2016, the same person in the same banking institutions can only open a bank account in the same class, a non bank payment institutions can only open a class III payment account. For the bank, according to December 25, 2015 the central bank issued "on the improvement of personal bank account service notice" to strengthen the management of accounts, first class bank account is the most complete function of the bank account, the account can be issued only class I solid media is the bank card, the equivalent of a customer account in the same bank, so for bank management background. However, the concept of the bank account is not equal to the bank card, so a class I account can be up to 4 bank cards. If each person has only one account, the bank will be able to check the bank account soon after the connection between the police and the bank. For payment institutions, the notice stipulates that the same non bank payment institutions can only open a third class payment account. According to the central bank announced in December 28, 2015, non bank payment.相关的主题文章: