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Medicine What is skin ageing? Skin Ageing, means looking older than the actual age. The reason behind this is the damage of free radical cells. This leads to premature wrinkles. There are also many other reasons behind this. Normal aging, exposure to sun (photo ageing) and pollution is the primary factors of ageing which leads a wrinkled skin. Now a day, nobody wants to look old and ugly. Everybody wants to look glamorous and charming. Roshan Hospital is very much famous for this kind of treatment which is located in Greater Noida. We are skin and health care experts that always give satisfactory results in anti-ageing treatments. Most of the people prefer non-surgical rejuvenation treatments as against surgical interventions for looking younger. What causes our skin to age? There are many reasons to cause our skin to age. For some reasons we cannot do anything but still there are few reasons left for which we can influence. We cannot rule over natural aging as it the natural phenomenon. It plays a vital role. With time, we all get wrinkles on our face. It is natural for our face to lose our glow by time. We usually notice our skin be.e thinner and drier by time. Intrinsic aging is its medical terminology. We can do something for another type of aging that affects our skin. Our environment is very much responsible for skin ageing a lot. Extrinsic aging is its medical terminology. By taking some strict preventive actions, we can slow down the effects. What are the types of skin ageing treatment? ScarLet: The ScarLet is most popular treatment which is easily available in the market. It provides treatments to ageing skin through fractional radio frequency (RF). In this treatment, laser light is sent directly with the help of micro-needle electrodes into the dermis. The treatment stimulates modification of wrinkled skin. It has very minimal downtime treatment which can easily suit all skin types. It is considered as an entirely safe and effective treatment. Microdermabrasion: The procedure is one of the most effective and popular anti-ageing treatments. It gently removes skin upper part and leaves a younger and smoother skin. Transdermal mesotherapy: Transdermal mesotherapy is the one of the latest technology that uses Dermo-electroporation or DEEP. In this treatment, skins water-based channels send the drug solution inside the body through the help of pulse. The pulses have no side-effects on the skin and are considered extremely easy to bear. Threadlift: It is very much effective for sagging skin, thread lift is also known as a lunch hour lift. Threads containing fine filaments are affixed to notches made behind the ear as it is the advanced and easily smoothed down. The body starts secreting collagen which surrounds the filaments creating a lift. Co2 correctional therapy: CO2 correctional therapy is also known as laser skin resurfacing which is a very much popular cosmetic procedure that is convenient and effective in refreshing the skin. It reduces the wrinkles and line of the skin perfectly. It works for the damaged skin till a smooth skin layer is revealed. Is there any side effect of these treatments? All our treatments are safe and produce minimal or no side effects. Clinic Elegance believes in safe practices and uses quality equipments and chemicals to get the desired results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: