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| early tutorial project financing BP how to write? Sohu science and technology content of the reference Pre-Angel partner Li Zhuohuan online sharing how to impress investors, you can pull to the end of the text, to buy the course video! Why is BP important if you are not the kind of background cattle, investors chasing you want to invest in entrepreneurs, you want to get the investment must pay attention to BP (biz plan business plan). With investors, you receive the first sentence is "starting to look at BP". Yes, BP is the important factor to decide whether investors meet you. So, how to write a win investors favor, for you to meet opportunities BP? The underlying logic of investment since BP is to see investors, entrepreneurs to write BP, please understand the investment logic, and what they want to see the content in BP, why is this? Why do investors invest in projects? In order to get the next hundred times the possibility of return on investment. Here said the next hundred times the possibility of return on investment, it is not exaggerated, this figure can be mathematically derived. According to the rate of return from the entire VC cycle, in order to reach the rate of return in the early venture market, each project must meet the expected return of 100 times. So, standing in the perspective of investors, write BP you need to sell the possibility of a hundred times the company’s future return, not the company now. Angel round BP essential modules I Pre-Angel and a large number of early entrepreneurs to deal with the process, summed up a contains things, people, money, the 3 modules, a total of 12 branches of the BP template. When making an early project BP, said that the contents of these 13 pages to allow investors in the shortest possible time to understand the situation of your project. How to make BP content? One thing about the 1, one sentence describes the purpose: to allow investors to establish a general understanding of the project. What do you have to say about your project? Is an application APP? A website or what? Hide the details of the project. The principle is 1, the complex things speak simple; the 2, highlighting the differential positioning. 2, put forward the purpose of the problem: let investors feel (resonance) to the problem we need to solve the pain points (opportunity). Content: you have to pass a scene to solve the project to solve the problem, to guide investors into the scene. How do people live without our products and services, and what are the problems to be solved? 3, the purpose of the solution: to allow investors to recognize your solution. Content: Based on your question, a summary of the solution can be convinced. 4, the purpose of market analysis: to allow investors to understand the project market, competitive landscape, etc.. You need to be clear about who you are Who is your client? Who are your competitors? 5, the purpose of the strategy: through the entry strategy, so that investors believe that the project can be achieved from zero to one..相关的主题文章: