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How much income to decent? Guangzhou CBD: at least 20 thousand yuan monthly income of many white-collar workers to decent? CBD white-collar workers: at least 20 thousand yuan in Guangzhou enterprises hiring out the average monthly salary of nearly 8000 yuan, many workers said that he is "million households" and "moonlight clan" source: Southern Metropolis Daily     Author: Xia Jiawen although recently "annual income of 120 thousand yuan is the high income crowd to raise taxes" the news was confirmed as misreading, but on the annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan is not on high earners still can be heard without end. From the recruitment report shows that the average monthly wage in Guangzhou reached 7798 yuan out of the enterprise recruitment. CBD said at least 15 thousand yuan monthly income of white-collar workers, have the courage to live in the Pearl River metro. "Million households" sounds loud, in fact, "Moonlight clan". More workers said to be decent, such as free time to see drama, occasionally stay away for a trip, a monthly income of at least twenty thousand yuan. Data: enterprise hiring   the average monthly salary of 7798 yuan Zhaopin recently released "2016 autumn Guangzhou white-collar employer demand and supply of talent report" shows that the autumn of 2016 in Guangzhou, the average salary of enterprise recruitment for tax 7798 January, ranked fourth in the 34 major city in. From the distribution of wages, the Guangzhou area of online positions in high salary positions accounted for a relatively high monthly salary of 4000-  6000 yuan and more than $8000 to occupy the largest proportion, respectively, 31.1% and 31.2%. Between 6001 to $8000 in the proportion of jobs accounted for 20.8%, a monthly salary of less than $4000 in the number of jobs accounted for 16.9%. Specifically, professional services (accounting legal consulting human resources) industry the highest average monthly salary is 11084 yuan; secondly, leasing service industry, salary level of 10727 yuan; again for real estate construction engineering industry, 9447 yuan. Analysts believe that the professional advisory services industry is a high threshold, high investment, high income of the service industry, to the applicant’s requirements are relatively high, work pressure is great than the average salary, as the occupation return is relatively high. White collar: in 120 thousand yuan   also is "moonlight clan" monthly salary of ten thousand yuan in CBD what is the concept? A person engaged in the human resources industry white-collar introduced in C  B  D company, the basic level of income for small companies, small companies, large companies". CBD interviewed more than that of ordinary white-collar white-collar, if not in flat-share, CBD escape the "Moonlight" destiny. More than white-collar reflect the high rent in the Pearl River Metro, at least 15 thousand yuan monthly income, the courage to live in this region. Rent, eat, buy clothes all need money, no money left for a month!" White collar Miss Zhang in a large foreign companies engaged in administrative work, many friends and their own, like, after tax income of about 120 thousand yuan. "My present and theory相关的主题文章: