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SEO Here are few suggestions that any writer can follow before starting to write SEO content. Writing SEO content means a content meant for the search engine users. It is not that hard to .e up with such content. But it is not that easy either. Only a SEO friendly content would be able to pull some attention towards itself. The search engine might not be able to see what is in the content, but the readers do. Hence you need to put up a content that would bring a lot of readers for itself. How the SEO content should be? Reader Friendly: At times there is conflict between a reader friendly article and a SEO friendly article. But as a writer you need to give the priority to the reader friendly one. What purpose would your article serve if it fits the optimization pattern but is not at all fun to read? Try to concentrate on making the article interesting for the readers and not for the search engines. Ultimately the content would be optimized. Web writing skills are beneficial: Those who can write relevant web content can pull out goo SEO content. There are ways in which search engines recognize whether the page means what it has written. If try to manipulate the content in an attempt to fool the search engine, then you would be banned from it. This would affect your ranks. Conclusions at the Top: This means that you should make use of keywords in large proportions at the top. For instance if your keyword is SEO then make sure that you use it in the title, in the Meta text and in the first sentence. Make sure you avoid any kind of synonyms in the initial paragraphs. Pointers or Lists: If you develop a format you would be able to help your SEO content achieve high ranks for the pages. This format can be anything that will help the readers to locate the information easily. For instance you can incorporate the use of QUESTION and ANSWER, or you can also follow POITNER format. This would help the readers skip the unnecessary sections and focus on those which they might be interested in. Proofreading: Once the entire content is written, go through it carefully. There are always chances of some kind of grammatical errors. This might be as minor as .a, but when you read the content in totality it would put it off balance. Besides proofreading gives you a chance to see whether the theme has .e across in the content, the way you want. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: