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Arts-and-Entertainment So, you need to create an absolute copy of your business critical data to safeguard against data loss? And, you want to move your data to a new hard drive? If ‘Yes’, Disk Imaging is the best way. You can copy all your data to a single file and use that file for restoring data in case of data loss. In Microsoft Windows Vista, you can create image of your hard drive using inbuilt backup utility. For earlier versions of Windows operating system, you can use Data Backup Software for the same. Disk Image – It is an exact replica of .puter hard drive or any of its partition. It is a single file, which contains all the data of a data storage media. It is generally created by making sector-by-sector copy of a source media. Some third-party applications, also enable you to omit unused space from media to .press the disk. Why you should create image of the hard drive? A major use of disk image is to create absolute backup. It is an easy and quick way to restore data. The disk imaging applications capture image of your .puter system – its software, data, structure, registry programs etc. Disk image is particularly useful in recovering data, if any problems occurs during the life of your system – hard drive formatting, virus infection, hardware or software glitches, or accidental deletion. Disk image can also be used by system administrators to assemble multiple systems with similar configuration. Image Mounting and Unmounting Some powerful Backup Software enable you to create a hard drive image that can be mounted like a hard drive partition. A virtual disk is created after you mount the image. Such images are generally stored with .rbf file extension. You can mount the image and access required files, without restoring the entire image. You can unmount the virtual disk after you access required data. To ensure absolute and reliable backup of your mission-critical data, you should always opt for an advanced Data backup software . Apart from creating a disk image, these applications also help you to Clone hard drive and backup individual files. The Backup Software enable you to create different types of backups, such as Full Backup, Incremental Backup, and Differential Backup. Many such software are incorporated with simple graphical user interface that makes disk imaging and data backup quick and easy. Stellar Instabackup Gold is one such software, that enables you to create image of hard drive, clone hard drive, and backup individual files, folders, and hard drive partitions. It works well with Microsoft Windows Vista (23-bit version) and Microsoft Windows XP. The software also facilitates you to mount and unmount the disk image. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: