Husband to Bubu, did not imagine the difficult pregnancy maternal Sohu-t420s

Husband to Bubu, pregnancy also not think hard – I am 88 Sohu mother her first husband 86, got married last August, premarital consultation with the first year to two of the world, chick, May to do a fitness card to start running yoga, the end of July this year began to prepare pregnant. I am not very accurate menstruation, a field will be delayed ovulation, the first cycle out of the field to play a trip, ovulation postponed. Have been undetectable strong positive, blunderbus, the aunt punch. The second cycle is Angelica jujube medlar ginger brown sugar water and drank a lot of boiled beans, also drank black Soybean Milk, this cycle of drawing is very beautiful, measured by Yang arrangement, second night pain ovulation was detected, the strong positive, arrangements, arrangements has been weakening, third night no gun, this cycle. The symptoms are, did not think 15 days or aunt punch. The third day finally appeared in the legend of the idea of gray? Was excited to call her husband to see. Note: 1 summarize the preparation of pregnancy to check the really important, know yourself, there is the issue of timely treatment, the conditions can go to the hospital to do the test than the ovulation test row, more intuitive, more efficient. Of course, PLSZ monitoring is also possible. SA more sensitive, David is slow, but good regularity. 2 not only to repair themselves, but also some made in the husband, see the sisters say husband are not willing to do sperm examination, actually think is normal, good man face. Then we should own more effort to improve my husband, is to eat vitamin E, cook soup filling body, ovulation, eat leek lean oysters and other spermatogenic food 3 don’t grab birds, identify the ovulation period of concentrated fire, or both tired. Try to relax, enjoy, do not always think of task arrangement made her, think of ways to make both high a bit shy?? 4 don’t set the symptoms, this period did not have much hope, because we really don’t have what symptom, just night alvine go up temperature is not high, but also for a while, did not dare to think, is the night sleep early, sleep soundly 5 really want to exercise, improve physical function, all kinds of benefits needless to say originally husband ideological struggle for a long time, I promise not to check in time, not now, is really bad music he wanted to say, prepare pregnant couple well with it is really very important, there is no so-called love is here now. To prepare pregnant made forum drew valuable experience, many sisters is very useful, there are questions we will help answer, thanks very much. The sisters must have confidence, to relax the mood, wait for their own baby to attach two methods, David ZZY is red bars bar, and give you good sisters pregnant, don’t reply to everyone to pick! In this paper, sorting from the "crazy made APP user -Vicky little baby" share, all rights reserved.相关的主题文章: