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IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge: let science and technology venture venture Godfather godfather in the market economy tide, China’s venture capital has made progress in the development of Xiong Xiaoge. It has been China Chizha venture capital market for 23 years, still stand in the air, as the evergreen tree Chinese venture capital market — one of them is IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge. Xiong Xiaoge as a founding partner of IDG capital, the investment of Chinese enterprises has more than 500, of which more than and 100 companies have been listed or acquired. View China’s well-known Internet Co early shareholder structure, many of which have appeared in the capital of IDG. On November 24th ~26, sponsored by the daily economic news "2016 session of the fifth Chinese listed company leaders summit, facing the best era of entrepreneurship, Xiong Xiaoge’s keynote speech will reveal what insights, it is worth looking forward to. The enlightenment Chinese wind in autumn 1986, with $38 Xiong Xiaoge entered the Boston University, obtained a master’s degree in communication studies, officially entered the Canas Publishing Group under the "electronic gazette", began to change his life career. 3 years of career, opened the first door I know the field of venture capital." This time, Xiong Xiaoge interviewed many electronic companies, entrepreneurs and venture capital, as became familiar with the operation of the wind. Mcgovern, the founder of the international media symbol IDG group, also met here. By the end of 1991, as chairman of IDG Asia assistant Xiong Xiaoge returned to Beijing, ready to set up investment funds. After that, Xiong Xiaoge on behalf of IDG group in cooperation with the Shanghai science and Technology Commission, jointly invested $20 million to set up the Shanghai Pacific Technology Venture Investment Co., Ltd, which is the first history of Vc firm China. In 1998 and 1999 respectively for Kingdee software totaling 20 million yuan capital injection, became the beginning of IDG capital investment in the field of Internet Chinese IT. The first phase of the fund in 1999. Subsequently, the scale of $100 million IDG venture capital fund II was established, the company also changed its name to IDGVC. IDG inherited the traditional culture of IDGVC with TMT gene, the selected items such as. 1999, Ma Huateng is taking a 6 version of the business plan to find investors, but in the end how to make money is not clear. Xiong Xiaoge’s team boldly invested $1 million 100 thousand to Tencent, won a 20% stake. It is a profound foresee the Internet will change the world, Xiong Xiaoge and his colleagues have invested in Zhang Zhaoyang, Robin Li, and many in the development of Chinese Internet history occupies an important position in the enterprise: SouFun, Ctrip,,, Baidu, such as home, the Han court….. Investment over 500 companies in 2009, with the change of the structure of funds to multi partner model, IDGVC officially changed its name to IDG capital. In the IDG capital diversified investment strategy advocated by the investment industry to expand the new consumer and service, health care, film and television culture, tourism, industrial technology and other fields, which include.相关的主题文章: