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In the face of the baby crying out, how to do? The Sohu believes that everyone knows what it is to have enough sleep…… No! Fine! God! October: high quality work and life style: sleep early! Treasure dad mom hope is that the baby can sleep a good sleep, but the reality is not so simple…… From October said: in fact, want the baby to sleep, reduce the times of their waking up at night, and can give the baby to sleep training to solve Oh ~ is what sleep sleep training refers to the training, in order to develop good sleep habits for the new baby, help them to better development and growth, which can also let the treasure treasure mom dad a good rest. The time for sleep training if the baby is 3 months or less, in October the bacteria do not recommend sleep training. Because in this period of 0-3 months, the baby is fed on demand, there is no fixed time schedule, not suitable for sleep training. 3 months after the baby sleep cycle more regularly than before, treasure treasure mom dad every night can give the baby a story, play games and so on, but also to reduce the number of feeding the night milk properly, to strengthen the baby’s concept of time with these methods. Wait until 6 months or so, through the above training methods, the baby has developed a good eating habits, then you can begin to give your baby sleep training! Before training to prepare 1 on time to record the baby’s diet and work habits; 2 to keep the baby’s sleep environment unchanged; the 3 and family communication, together to help children training. Training started 1 every night before bedtime fixed time with the baby to play games, tell stories, do the preparatory work before going to bed. 2 in a fixed time to stop the game or story, gently put the baby on the bed, cover the quilt, turn off the lights or the lights to the darkest level, to create a good sleep environment for the baby, and then leave. In October the most suitable for baby bacteria [sleep environment is similar to "uterine environment", this will make the baby a sense of security, there is no light warm room] baby would cry for 1 at the beginning, then treasure treasure mom dad don’t immediately picked up the baby, but let the baby cry for about 2 minutes. 2 after the baby cried a little, then go to the baby’s side can comfort the baby, patted the baby said: "baby don’t cry, mom and dad here, don’t cry, or give the baby to sing a song, a story. In October, don’t hold it, or it will fail! 3 until the baby is quiet and then leave, if you cry again, let the baby cry for a while longer than last time, and then go to comfort. 4 days after the baby can prolong the waiting time slowly, continue to see results from October ~ said: the beginning certainly will be repeated many times, but treasure dad Baoma if determined, we must stick to it. Pain point 1: often wake up treasure mom said: Although the baby fell asleep, but!相关的主题文章: