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Home-and-Family Decades ago air conditioners were considered as a luxury, but today it has be.e a necessity in every household. Because of the intense heat wave during summer, which is even causing deaths, people prefer to stay indoors in front of their air conditioners. With more and more demand for air conditioners, the sale of air conditioners have increased tremendously in the past few years. There are different types of air conditioners and they vary in price, size and their cooling capacity. Previously we had the window air conditioners mounted on windows to cool the room in which the air conditioner is placed. Now we have the split air conditioners to cool more than one room. Since split air conditioners can be expensive, people now prefer to buy portable air conditioners. This unit can be moved around in the house to whichever room you are in because of roller coaster’s attached to it. It is easy to operate, and also very convenient.These units need not be permanently installed and they are affordable. An important advantage of buying a portable air conditioner is that it occupies very less space. can be used in any room to keep you cool and .fortable. A window air conditioner, split air conditioner or a portable air conditioner is ideal for homes or office. But when it .es to cooling big buildings like big hospitals and hotels, or buildings like cinema halls, banks, airports, galleries etc. then central air conditioning plants are required. There is a plant room, where the .pressor of the unit is placed. It is necessary to avoid any breakdown to these systems which can be designed only by expert HVAC design .panies. some houses also use them. The most important thing that you should remember when you are purchasing a central air conditioning unit is the Seer efficiency. The higher the efficiency the more you can save on electricity. Though air conditioners are very cooling and .fortable, your electricity bill might shock you. That is why it is better to go in for portable air conditioners. first of all you have to decide the size of the unit. Depending on the size of your room, you can choose the unit according to the BTU’s of the air conditioner. You should also decide on where you should place it, because hot air have to exit out through a exhaust hose. If your budget does not permit you to buy a portable air conditioner, you can always hire one. Some buildings uses the central air conditioner. This air conditioner works like other air conditioner, but unlike the window air conditioner or the wall air conditioner, the air conditioner unit is placed outside. Which ever type of air conditioner is being used, maintenance is the most important thing. You don’t want the air conditioner to break down in the middle of summer do you? Call in expert technicians to check the units regularly for its proper functioning and enjoy a cool summer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: