International oil prices hit a three month high of golden week driving driven by domestic gas

International oil prices hit a three month high of   golden week driving driven by domestic gasoline consumption — energy — "eleven" golden week, "five yuan" era of low oil prices plus "free" welfare to further stimulate the ZiJiaYou boom, driven by domestic gasoline consumption usher in a small peak. At the same time, the international oil market is not hot. In the oil producing countries under the continued impact of the agreement, after a lapse of more than a month, the international oil prices to return above $50 a barrel. In August 2nd this year, New York crude oil futures prices fell below $40 a barrel. Oil producing countries worried about the international oil price trend once again out of control, and quickly threw a speech. September 28th, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in Algeria announced a freeze agreement, decided to cut oil production to 32 million 500 thousand barrels per day to 33 million barrels. This news makes the market ahead of expectations pessimistic investors feel surprised. International oil prices rose nearly 6%. Into October, the international market is still digesting the positive expectations of OPEC’s freeze production agreement. Earlier, the market had been considered one of the most pressing members of OPEC production in Iran, October 3rd unexpectedly called for non OPEC and OPEC members work together to stabilize and enhance the international oil price. Iran’s attitude continues to push up international oil prices. On the same day, Brent crude oil futures hit $50 a barrel, to close at $50.89 a barrel, hitting a high of nearly three months. Lin Boqiang, director of the center for energy economics collaborative innovation, Xiamen University believes that cooperation between oil producing countries will have a positive impact on the international oil market, the international oil price exceeded $50 a barrel in anticipation. In recent years, under the influence of low oil prices, the global oil upstream investment in the field of development fell sharply, while demand is still growing steadily, is expected to remain in the international oil market in the late. The constant rising of international oil prices, is also transmitted to China’s refined oil market. On the eve of the National Day holiday, September 30th is China’s refined oil price adjustment time window. But the expected domestic oil prices "two down" because of a sudden surge in international oil prices fell to the ground, eventually due to a decline of less than 50 yuan per ton which led to the price adjustment threshold aground. Although the domestic oil prices missed two times, but this year "eleven" during the golden week of China’s gasoline and diesel prices compared with the same period last year was essentially flat, is still in the "five yuan" era of low oil level. Oil prices in Shanghai, for example, the current retail price of gasoline 92 yuan per liter of $5.89, slightly higher than the same period last year, the price of $0.01. 0 diesel retail price of $5.49 per liter, unchanged from the same period last year. The same period in 2014, Shanghai gasoline and diesel prices were 7.32 yuan per liter and $7.22 per liter. "Eleven" golden week is China’s traditional tourist season, but also the peak season. The highway in October 1st 0 to 7, 24 to 7 and the following (including 7) passenger vehicles to implement toll free. High speed free benefits plus five Yuan era of low oil prices to further boost the self driving tour of the boom, thereby stimulating gasoline consumption. Living in Shanghai, Liu Yunying organized a small group of friends together to drive back to the hometown of Inner Mongolia prairie. "During the National Day this year, gasoline prices)相关的主题文章: