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Interview with Zheng Saisai: U.S. Olympic sprint regret in the Philippine fish Zheng Saisai interview interview with Zheng Saisai: open to regret missed the Olympic Sports encounter Philippine fish Tencent (senior editor Wan Xin ESPN) with the US Open race near the center of the garden, open gradually lively, when people at the bottom are qualifying struggle and there are also some people with higher ranking can concentrate on preparing for the race next Monday, China player Zheng Saisai is one of them. Zheng Saisai in 2009 to turn professional, in the past two years has been on the right track in the grand slam. From 2014 into after the start of the second round of the US Open, her ranking stable in 100, rise and steady, also ensures that every year will not having to undergo qualifying suffering. Before the us she is not idle, after the Olympic Games, she immediately flew to Cincinnati, and then again in New Haven after the game arrived in New York, immediately into the training. Zheng Saisai is preparing for us to carry out a two ball training day at noon and afternoon, physical training. Competition soon, who dare not have the slightest relaxation. Zheng Saisai is currently ranked sixtieth in singles and doubles, Xu Yifan is ranked eighth in the world, still have the selected Singapore finals chance, she said: "the US Open, and net and Wu net to play, we have the opportunity, strive for." Don’t look at only 22 years old, Zheng Saisai has been in the occupation of tennis has spent seven years "veteran". In an interview with ESPN, she mentions the "enjoyment of tennis" and "relaxation"". In the Brazil Olympic Games, she should become a groupie, chase Boulter, chase Phelps; to the United States, her spare time also live when the "red net". In short, a 22 year old girl likes to do what she has done, but also the only way to enjoy and relax in order to truly solve the enormous pressure on the professional arena. On the tennis court, pressure is everywhere. 24 days to play the first round qualifying Chinese players, Duan Yingying and Wang Yafan are under pressure three hard disk. Han Xinyun and Zhang Yuxuan sign the good, the first round of 19 years old are touched on a green hand opponent. Han Xinyun two straight sets victory over Swiss teenager Chman, Zhang Yuxuan is the two set out from Maryland Chinese player Sophie Chang. The Bai Yan men’s singles only played 3 games out of the race, hurry to end the rare Grand Slam tour. The second round of the US Open qualifying for the beginning of 25, Duan Yingying, Zhang Kailin, Han Xinyun, Liu Fangzhou, Wang Yafan, Zhang Yuxuan and Wu Di seven people have played, winning goal is qualifying round of 26 days. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: