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Into the Xigong mother feel unique and delicious Vietnamese – Sohu Vietnamese cuisine in Southeast Asia is a very important branch, the Vietnamese light and refreshing to cater to the people demand for green food, so the more popular in the north of guangzhou. Xigong mom, representative of the Vietnamese restaurant as a famous landmark in Beijing, November 5, 2016 — Sanlitun district features of the southern Pacific area three S6-32 grand opening, then Xigong will launch the new mother dishes. One of the differences between the three generation time classic Xigong mother and concise formula another Vietnamese is the three generation of the family secret, to create the most authentic, the most warm heart of Vietnamese cuisine, diners to authentic Vietnamese style, can only make such a food to the kitchen lead a person to endless aftertastes deep love to. Xigong mother chef from Vietnam Xigong boss Mr. Kevin for Vietnamese immigrants Canada, mother and grandmother in the local business Vietnamese restaurant is very famous. Xigong is the mainstay mother Mr. Lam Hung, Mr. Lam Hung in early 2013, San Francisco has attracted the delicacy circle of sensation, many reporters rushed to the local delicacy tributary worship, Mr Hung carefully slow boil 12 hour, crab meat and tomato soup adequately, which made him a star. Xigong mother now soup contains bone, boneless meat, onions and fruit, anise, cinnamon and other rich ingredients, with the same 12 hours slow stew, when hot soup poured in, and a fresh beef, fragrance overflowing, cure stomach diners. The unique delicious handmade Vietnam in order to seek the most authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Xigong mother most of the products are derived from handmade shop, quality of raw materials. The restaurant made Vietnam characteristics tie the meat as raw materials become the protagonist; homemade sauce, chili sauce, the characteristics of liver dishes icing on the cake. Signboard Seafood powder as a flagship store, which is very popular in Xigong mother San Francisco branch, therefore will be introduced, the soup by pig, shrimp paste and other ingredients boiled for 10 hours. Vietnam Spring rolls crispy collocation fresh ingredients, dipped in a fish sauce flavor of the South East Asia people feel surprise. The characteristics of Xigong sandwiches can keep "bread a crisp" and not dry, bread a juicy meat and thick cut characteristics of Vietnam tie the meat a bite, crisp vegetables collocation homemade sauce, taste full. Here used to do style sandwiches are homemade bread, pork sauce, ensure the quality and flavor, let customers away from all kinds of artificial additives. Boil out with bone soup is a classic beef noodle of the soul, the cold to drink a bowl of almost full strength. Selection of fresh beef, beef, tripe, beef balls, smooth soft glutinous rice noodle in soup, onion, chili, Thai lemon, bean sprouts and other dishes more delicious beef noodle exudes a charming atmosphere. After dinner try featuring Vietnamese coffee (Vietnam drip), waiting for it to slowly drip into the cup, with condensed milk, taste its fragrance and taste. Sitting on the British Master build Vietnam decoration business.相关的主题文章: