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It seems’ that the benefits to a global rewards program software delivered through a Saas technology solution are endless! So, what should you look for when sourcing the right global reward management technology to facilitate your client’s domestic and global reward programs? And what kinds of rewards should it offer? When you partner with a Reward Solutions provider you need to have complete flexibility to configure reward catalogues to suit the many and diverse needs of your clients. Look to see that your solution provider offers a full API that enables you to browse, search and order reward catalog items as well as a dedicated portal access with features that include: -Full review access to all catalog details, including pricing -Create unique galleries / stores to meet your client or program requirements -Control when a catalog is available to downstream systems or program -Determine the currency for reward costing -For international programs, how does the solution will manage all the currency conversion calculations – this is key and mistakes here carry a big price tag Supplier data should be integrated either through a batch file process or though real-time APIs. In either scenario, the suppliers’ reward catalogs are kept up-to-date and maintained automatically. As additional reward catalogs are integrated into the reward API, they are automatically made available to you and your clients. This means seamless updates while minimizing costly and time consuming out of stocks as well as ensuring all pricing and currency fluctuations are being captured in a daily basis. Suppliers should have their own login credentials that provide them access to their catalog, reward and order information. Worldwide suppliers can choose how they want to integrate both catalog/reward management and order management: -SOAP-based API -Secure ftp -Manual Your solutions provider should also provide a fully integrated in-bound call center providing Tier 2 support with live chat connections to key suppliers. Tier 2 customer support should be available in multiple languages to ensure you receive timely and accurate responses. Program managers should have access a real-time order summary with real-time account balances to easily track the status and payment of their orders. So where’s the Steak? All this talk about technology and currencies really ignores the real reason we are doing this in the first place which is to motivate and change behavior. While the debate as to what delivers the best results is best left for another day – your reward provider should cover all key reward categories including: Merchandise On-Demand integration with leading online retailers provides the latest and most compelling rewards available while delivering the best selection, service and value. Digital Rewards Digital rewards will revolutionize how we deliver rewards especially globally. Music, movies and book downloads are some of the most popular digital reward options available today but look for some very exciting new entries including: Mobile wallet – delivering virtual gift cards, Visa and Mastercard Event Tickets Participants can get to see the shows they really want – even the most popular, sold-out ones. Participants can search by show, artist or city and view a map of the venue to locate their tickets before they purchase them. Tickets to the world’s most popular events – sports, concerts, theatrical events and more Includes "sold out" events and hard-to-get tickets Travel Rewards Travel continues to be a top reward item in any incentive program but this category will soon see a major innovation with the launch of a new global travel portal site for loyalty, incentive and recognition companies. Participants will have access to an unlimited number of travel and event options including airfare, hotel, cruises, car rental and attractions all of which will be available through any gateway in the world. It does make you think! Experiences Rapidly gaining in popularity are special activities or fascinating adventures that deliver that unique one-of-a-kind experience of a lifetime. Whether it’s a hot air balloon ride, white-water rafting or swimming with a Great White shark – we can make all that happen and more with the click of mouse and a few well deserved points. Technology is the enabler and you drive program success through a carefully executed strategic plan that delivers members the rewards and fun that they want. In the end the debate about what drives motivation is as long as a string and as varied as there are participants. In the end offering the best possible selection will drive results because only I know what I want today! About the Author: Rob Purdy is the founder and CEO of Carlton Group and Global Rewards Solutions, a full service performance improvement company that specializes in bringing their clients leading edge solutions that help to improve employee performance, inspire loyalty with employees, customers and channel partners, as well as assist in building their brand and driving profit. 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