It’s a big deal! Games a week Odd Photos comedy Tours cagliari exchange

It’s a big deal! A week Odd Photos comedy game tours [Sina video original shall not be reproduced without permission with the last weekend of the "battlefield 1" and this weekend’s "Titan 2" sale, as the game player and you feel the wallet and ran out of energy feeling? At the end of the big tide is coming! This week we will not only look at all the wonderful events of the annual FPS battle 1! Tao Hongkai and Yang Yongxin MHXX, a war Japanese game released, with the view of mine. This absolutely made a fortune this week event or Tao Hongkai micro-blog shelling Yang Yongxin: Tao Hongkai: "we will end your reign, Yang Yongxin. My children, and the whole network, will be free." PS4 game "flash deities: beach swimming", full of provocative (manual comic) will be on sale in March 16, 2017, this is a what kind of game? Please see below: what do you see? When you change the new card to open the effect of "battlefield 1" in the moment of shock with letter (yuan brother) new works "Momotaro electric iron 2017 Japan again!! "Will be in December 22nd on the 3DS to meet with you, yes, that is the production of" dragon "," devil three group "of" sulfuric acid face". It seems not only brother skin better, but also by Nintendo turned over a new leaf. Feel the two game style: big brother of the first "new works of devil three", brother lived a great death "dawn" elegant murder developers to launch Chinese role to acknowledge China domestic developers vote in game player, the result is "beyond all expectations forum, Tesla troopers" Yang Yongxin won the most votes, support rate more than 50% have been made more game player renderings. Nintendo Switch gaming throne has been made of the foreign game player dog Doll "battlefield 1" crash Led Zeppelin Bug, second cool Tornado (Editor: DY) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: