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Mother Jane Zhang’s five deadly sins (original) – Sohu, the parent child psychologist Xu Jingying mother yesterday to today, the star Jane Zhang, is like his first boyfriend Feng Ke and the marriage, the wedding for sure in November, more than and 10 years of long-distance love end to fruition. Then eggs, here Jane Zhang and Feng Ke are still mad with dog food, that car, but his biological mother Zhang Guiying accused Feng Ke of cheating Jane Zhang, not only let her become a "mistress", also Piancaipianse, a man full of slag. Mother hand son-in-law, entertainment is there anyway I can make nothing of it is unheard of precedent. First of all, I am not Feng Ke’s maintenance, nor deny a mother’s experience. I want to say is that a mother has been declared, in order to protect her daughter well intentioned, but, I see, is a poor mother’s hateful. The first case is harmful not love: Ms. Zhang open letter said, "he is the only hope that Liangying can live happily in the future". Looks like the girls heart full. But you know, send Xinshou tear son-in-law this has caused irreparable damage to Liangying. To denounce Feng Ke, but her daughter had burst when the mistress as a public figure, the image is very important. Mother daughter burst as a mistress, the image of Jane Zhang will cause much damage? To kill one thousand, since the loss at eight hundred, Ms. Zhang is your love child? Second: take didn’t happen when has occurred, causing her daughter now in a nice hobble Zhang’s mother said, "to tell the truth, is not willing" but "can’t look at my daughter after her daughter may even mixed feelings of remorse and shame, hate me". Note, Zhang mother said, after, how the situation, can not be predicted, but we see that, now, a letter to the mother, so that Liangying suffering, dilemma. A month after the marriage knot or not? Knot it, a mother’s open letter in the first place, do not listen to the old man, how to see public opinion, fans think? Do not knot, she so love Feng Ke, his heart how to do? In order to denounce the son-in-law, but the daughter of love is? Third: in order to face, not for children! Zhang’s mother said, "when you see Liangying and Feng Ke will be in Italy next month wedding news yesterday, as Liangying mother I, is also reported by the media to know the home of relatives and friends to congratulate the telephone, I also don’t know what happened! The report said, Liangying will invite some relatives and friends to participate in the wedding, and now, I belong to the family and friends in the pro? Or "friends"? Or "good friend"? I don’t know, because until now, Liangying didn’t tell me the news"…… At admission and daughter, daughter of marriage did not even notice the first time as a mother, Ms. Zhang, mother was injured, and very angry, to be crazy, does not hesitate to bring her daughter son-in-law gun. Zhang mother’s mouth, I believe we can understand the feelings of a mother, the actual subtext of the mother’s mood is feeling very face"! Zhang’s mother may defend herself相关的主题文章: