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Travel-and-Leisure Out of which, 520 sq km is core area and 797 sq km is buffer area. The Corbett national Parkis well connected by road from all major cities of North India, especially Delhi and Chandigarh. There are various Volvo and bus services offered to and fro this sector. It takes about 5-6 hours to reach the forest land from the national capital. One can also visit Nanital, a beautiful tourist hill spot along with the visit to the forest reserve, thus making it to be a .plete trip. The Corbett National Park was the first forest in India to be named and given the special privileges of a National Park. This was possible because of dedicated efforts of the renowned nature enthusiast and wild life conversationalist Jim Corbett. He started a campaign to save the tigers from various inhuman activities like poaching and hunting. He was so enthusiastic towards the cause that he wrote a book for educating people over the same. He penned a book Man Eaters of Kumaon. Such immense contribution was one of the prime reasons that the Park was named after him. Earlier the park was named as the Hailey national park and got other name from time to time also, but eventually the authorities thought that it could be best named after the wild life loyalist who started the campaign and fought for the cause. Ever since its inception the Jim Corbett National Park has been one of the most the famous and well visited forest reserves of India. People from different walks of life .e here to stay over a calm time and exotic views of the endangered tiger. Apart from the elusive wild Cat the forest offers diverse flora and fauna, rich grasslands and picturesque view Ramganga River flowing through the Himalayan foothills. Easy accessibility is one of the other main reasons that draw people towards the park. The forest area is equipped and maintained to be visitor friendly. There are well organized entry and exit points, well assigned areas and safe tracks where tourists can climb and get a good view of the wildlife. All one needs is a good set of binoculars and a guided tour to ac.plish the safari. Elephant and Jeep safaris are available to the tourists who .e for a wildlife experience. While Jeep safaris are quick, elephant safaris let one be at its own pace amidst the forest. Jeep safaris also tend to create some kind of noise that may scare wildlife making the chances of visibility low. Thus elephant safari scores over the Jeep safari. Jim Corbett National park is a must visit destination for all nature as well as wildlife lovers alike. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: