JP Morgan Chase to solve the world economic problems, rely on the central bank is better than

Morgan: to solve the problems of the world economy by the central bank rather than rely on reform Huitong news network February 26th – has served as director of the Bank of Israel Morgan Chase International President Kerr (Jacob Frenkel) Frederick Lun said that the central bank can not rely on its own to solve the problem of world economy. On the eve of the G20 summit in Shanghai, Jacob Frenkel told the media that the key to solving the world economic slowdown in the world today is structural reform. He pointed out that today’s problem is not only a problem of liquidity shortage, but also a problem that can be solved by the central bank. In fact, the central bank is always expected to be too much, but in fact it has already been overwhelmed. In the structural policy, the government needs to improve the flexibility of the economic system and strengthen the mobility and operational nature of the labor market. On the occasion of Kerr’s speech, market participants are holding their breath for any joint action on the G20 economy to deal with the global macroeconomic outlook and the volatility of the market. But he thinks it is unlikely that countries will be coordinated, after all, different countries face different challenges. Some countries are starting to grow again, and some are still lagging behind. And each national authority will formulate corresponding financial and monetary policy measures according to its own economic cycle cycle stage. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

摩根大通:解决世界经济问题 靠央行不如靠改革   汇通网2月26日讯——曾担任以色列银行董事的摩根大通国际主席弗伦克尔(Jacob Frenkel)表示,央行不能依靠其自身解决世界经济的问题。   在上海G20峰会前夕,Jacob Frenkel告诉媒体,要解决当今世界世界经济增长放缓的问题,关键还是靠结构性改革。他指出,今天的问题不仅仅是流动性短缺的问题,也不是央行层面可以解决的问题。事实上,央行往往总是被寄予过多的期望,但其实早已不堪重负了。   而在结构性政策中,政府需要实行的是提高经济系统的灵活性,并加强劳动力市场的流动性以及运作性。   在弗伦克尔发言之际,市场人士都在屏息以待任何有关G20经济体应对环球宏观经济前景不明朗以及市场大幅动荡的共同行动。但他认为各国协调一致的可能性不大,毕竟不同国家面临着不同的挑战。有些国家开始恢复增长,有些国家仍然落后。而每个国家当局都会根据其自身所处于的经济周期循环阶段去制订相应的财政以及货币政策的方针措施。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: