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Judo athletes on calligraphy anti interference father is the second coach [Abstract]1996, 12 year old Ma Yingnan began practicing Judo, when his father was her second coach, "when I started practicing the morning, with my drill, unlike the current venue, then all go to the park to practice." The women’s 78 kg class Judo to praise Ma Yingnan and parents gains precious bronze. Chat client, Shen Liaoshen Evening News reporter Jiang Xu photo on behalf of the Rio Olympic Games women’s 52 kg class Judo Chinese race horse Yingnan is a Shenyang native, reporter recently walked into Yingnan Ma’s home, listening to the 32 years old the first time on the Olympics veteran about Rio Olympic Games experience and parents the story. Brazilians know judo Ma Yingnan’s family lives in an old district of Tiexi, in the old district, many of the old neighbors are living. Ma Yingnan downstairs to greet reporters, they met the old neighbor to greet her. "Small popularity is quite good, back home in all to invite me to dinner," Ma Yingnan said with a smile. Into the house, Ma’s parents quickly told reporters to sit down. Speaking of Ma Yingnan to the Olympic Games, my mother is very worried about the safety of her daughter, the two of us video, I told her, do not go out ah, if you have to go out with a few people together." However, because of the Olympic Village, Ma Yingnan did not feel any danger. Although the game finally got fifth to let Ma Yingnan leave regret, but remember the trip to the Olympic Games, the harvest of Ma Yingnan is still very big. "The audience is very warm, I have a few good offense, the audience gave me the applause and cheers is a great help to me," Ma Yingnan think Brazil local people really understand the Judo, may Judo and Brazil jujitsu have the same place. "This project is quite popular in the Judo China, but in Europe is very popular in France, when we play, said I was practicing Judo, will give me the thumbs up," Ma Yingnan said. Brave in the arena of life in Ma Yingnan, but there is also a "static", and coach Leng Chunhui together to prepare for the Olympic Games in two days, personal training, most often do together is to drink tea, chat, calligraphy. "Calligraphy is a traditional Liaoning female soft, and I also love the special training, Judo project, attention is particularly important, calligraphy can enhance the anti-interference ability," Ma Yingnan said when he started to practice, it is easily affected by the surrounding people, slowly began to focus on. "Athletes not only move, all animals must have the most quiet, calm the mind, in order to have a better play, if disturbed, action is even more chaotic," Ma Yingnan for combining has its own understanding. A weight scale is a good friend to say what is the most important thing in the Olympic village. In fact, every item is very competitive sports, but judo may be a little more difficult project, in Ma Yingnan opinion, the most painful is to control the weight of a small class of athletes, she basically did not dare to eat all year round. "The weight scale is my good friend, has no sense of security from it, I go out all the year round competition is carrying a weight scale," said Ma Yingnan, the Rio Olympic Games need Nan相关的主题文章: